[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos+Link to New 3.14 Update

Very glad to her about your results! I have actually been looking at the beast aspects as possible next experiments. I'd love to hear how your idea with aspect of the spider works out.

For myself, a wonderful and terrible thing has happened. Aul showed up in my delving, down around 444. I suspect that I am now going to throw a series of characters at him, Zerglike, in an effort to understand the fight. Just this one time only I wish I could briefly be in softcore . . . . Anyway, that's my next project.

Happy holidays to all y'all following the thread.

Started this build myself yesterday and its been great so far, spam barrage while you wait for mr Scorpion to shoot the baddies for you :)

I have one question/request tho, I see that you are quite the delver and me not playing last league im still trying to wrap my head around how to do the mining stuff "properly"! So I was hoping that you Orion, or anyone else here, could share a quick "Delving for Dummies" that would make that part of the game a little more understandable for me :S
Delving is probably my favorite part of the game. Ok, delving for dummies, first installment:
1. Mine sulphite and use it before maxing out.
2. Start by focusing on azurite until you can maintain at least your light radius and darkness resistance maxed for the level delve you are on.

1. Sulphite: you will find sulphite randomly in zones. Or by using sulphite scarabs on maps (recommend only T15/16 to get full value from scarabs) Touching it summons Niko to mine it on your behalf. An indicator will briefly appear in the upper right of your screen showing what you've picked up so far and the maximum your cart can carry. If you don't go delving before you max out, you will not be able to pick up more sulphite, and it will waste. Sulphite capacity can be upgraded at the mine craft table.

2. Darkness: The darkness is actually trying to kill you. It is a rapidly increasing DOT effect that is based mostly on your life/shield total, with a small flat component added this league to prevent certain abuses. When you are in the dark, the edges of the screen and your life bubble will change color in a very noticeable way. This is mitigatable by increasing your darkness res at the mine craft table.

3. Azurite: many of the mine nodes contain azure (blue tree like symbol on your map). This is the currency with which you will buy upgrades to all the things at the craft table. Your early delving will be largely to get enough azurite to upgrade your light radius and darkness res. If you are not used to delving, I highly recommend you have these maxed out before you head too far down. These will degrade with depth, so pay attention to your readings at the mine craft table and mine enough Asurite to maintain them as maxed out.

There is lots more, and I suspect it would be better if you post specific questions as you go along. But that should get you started.

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To add to some of the mine mechanics..

Monsters are immune to damage in the darkness. This mean you can not leech, but you can use LGoH.

Your minions, totems, traps, and mines are all immune to darkness damage.

There are some breakable walls that will show on the map when close enough. Toss some dynamite to blow them up. (Niko the NPC will kinda explain these and the next item).

Flares can be tossed to give you a temporary light source. Which will allow you to stop the darkness degen and kill mobs within its radius.
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Just found quill rain on ssf hc :-)

I'll stick with current setup though for the time being
Just wrapped up A10 with no issues (currently running with a clone spec and we both still have Ambu's which is a pretty funky interaction).

I'm having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around running Gluttony as this drops your phys damage reduction by around 40% (actually more but I don't have uber lab completed to double the armor that's cut by acrobatics) which seems absurd. You really think 30 more life on hit makes this worthwhile?
Noticed your new character is setup differently. How's your experiment going? If you find something that works better than the original build please do update!
Re gluttony:

Meaning no insult, the phrasing of your question makes clear that you don't understand either how phys mitigation works in this game or all of gluttony's function in this build. Here is a short recap of why we use gluttony.

1. The phys damage reduction from armour is not absolute. Armour becomes less effective against bigger hits. Armour works best mitigating against many smaller hits. See the wiki for more details.

2. We could care less about many smaller hits, because we become immune to phys damage from hits for about 3 seconds after the first 500 or so damage when CWDT procs IC.

3. The phys damage mitigation from endurance charges _is_ absolute. It is much more effective against the large hits we are concerned about than armour.

4. For phys, we are only concerned about enough damage to one-shot us. With a 9k life pool, full ascendancies, and 7 endurance charges up (leaving aside arctic armour and the tukohama ascendancy, since they are both conditional) this would require a single physical hit of 15k damage. Outside of avoidable wind up boss mechanics with crit, nothing hits that hard.

4. Gluttony is not just another 34 life/15 mana per hit, it is also
a. a roughly 10% more damage multiplier via cull which eliminates the most difficult moments of many boss fights.
b. a guarantee of being able to get back to full endurance charges without requiring an enemy to hit us (via the damage we take when using a move skill proccing the jugg ascendancy.
c. a significant accuracy boost to the crawler (since Poacher's mark debuffs mob's evasion)

If it still makes no sense to you, don't use it. :>

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Re new character set up:

So, I estimate I try as many as two dozen ideas or more for every one I find that works. The most recent character was to test whether the crit avoidance of Brass dome was worth sacrificing 2k off the life pool. I can now confirm that the answer appears to be no. RIP one brass dome.

I did, however, discover incidentally that I kinda love the knockback mechanic, and that it is not at all hard to incorporate into the build. 3 jewels with life, ele res, and % knockback on hit, plus the three knockback nodes (which can become adjacent to our tree with only a minor tweak) are all that is required to have a very effective knockback from our barrage, keeping most melee enemies from ever engaging. Feels worth spending three nodes on that would otherwise represent about 300 incremental life.

Was running this as SSF HC and going great when have crashed in Delve. I restart and my char is gone, moved to standard.

I give up on this shitty, poorly programmed, bug-ridden game.

My char was simply destroyed by GGG - why should I play a game that causes such infuriating frustration.


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