[3.11] Ice CRASH IT ALL Juggernaut * beginner & budget friendly! tank with high dps!

Are you not using Cold Penetration in the links because you have Pandemonius? Considering switching to this in SSF and obviously that would be harder to obtain.

Also, I'm surprised that Added Cold Damage support isn't better than some due to the massive added damage effectiveness that Ice Crash gets. To a lesser extent Ice Bite. Just too many gems work with it.
Looks great. Gonna give this build a good. But most important question is how does this build look with automaton herald? :)
would this build be able to kill uber elder?
Isn't Unwavering Stance from Kaom's roots nullifying the blind from Pandemonius?
Sorgoth a écrit :
Isn't Unwavering Stance from Kaom's roots nullifying the blind from Pandemonius?

Yeah it is... yoke of suffering is a good Alternative.
[3.2] Bashtart's Spark Inquisitor: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1838569
[3.2] Oni-Goroshi Frost Blades Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2077486

Thanks for the build. I have a question : why Concentrated Effect over Cold Penetration, or Faster Attacks?
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do you recommend any unique amour instead of inpulsa, loreweave and brass dome?
Angelorush a écrit :
would this build be able to kill uber elder?

I'm positive it can. I tried one portal before i use my main character to kill cause i was lazy.

Got elder and shaper to 75% before I died


Hello :3
I had 2 questions.

1. I'm using Hrimsorrow at the moment, I was wondering why you have the upgraded Hrimburn's on in the guide page since we're doing cold damage in the first place the ability to ignite, i dont really understand the benefit.

2. Secondly, I started out this build as a Duelest Slayer going Ngahmus flame,, but got addicted to ice crash so switched to this build. Am I missing that much with the different ascendency? the skill tree is virtually the same, but I am missing endurance charge generation, and wasting 56% increased damage from 2 handed weapons on the smaller ascendency nodes. I noticed Jugg doesn't have a similar damage bonus anyway though so I suppose that doesn't matter.

In the finished build, what is being used to keep mana up? I am a bit confused on that part. I don't see anything giving mana leech.

Edit: Nvm, turns out there is somehow a mana leech, I am using this build rn (not completed). I just need a mana potion to keep mana up for movement skill (Using Whirling Blade instead of Leap Slam, I really dislike the Target Lock, which is worst in Leap Slam)
Dernière édition par Huntrom, le 2 oct. 2018 07:01:44


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