[3.6] Immune HOWA Jugg | CI 15k+ es | Insane dps | Indestructible | Uber Elder video up

Cons ground from flasks, killed recently from... killing enemies :p

I Don't have Killed Recently as an option on the POB, can you explain me why?

Nevermind, it's the enchant on the boot that make the option available!
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MathsDudius a écrit :
My favourite build of all time.

Came back after quite an absent and doing the same build on the new league.

But I have a question.

I see the major difference is switch from blade flurry to molten strike. But in path of building I see lightning damage nodes.

So are you using the magma balls to proc lightning damage? Why not fire?

We only deal lightning damage that comes from Howa (and some chaos), we dont deal fire dmg
MathsDudius a écrit :
My favourite build of all time.

>doesn't know the basic mechanics of the build

Just did my first cortex, gear is not that great I mean I don't have INT on helmet, shield or boots :), died two times as I went in blind, at least I got the flask.

Mods btw:

pastebin for whomever it may concern: https://pastebin.com/pykcwGYw
3.3: Lapidary lens is the worst challenge I have seen in six years and a half of POE.
3.4: hold my beer.
3.5: nah fuck this grindy rotation buy off trade 820 shit
3.6 Makes 3.5 look like a masterpiece and 3.7 like their best work yet.
PandoraBoxx a écrit :
i hope someone could help me with this build.Im using blade flurry and got the 6L armor, but the average damage is only 870.0+ cant even pass thru tier 1 map,have hatred and clarity aura on,and i only have 4k ES, i really hope someone could help me fix this which i dumped all my currencies into this build and now i do nothing

I think the fundamental problem is that you are using a life-stacking tree for a build that rely on stacking int and ES. Your tree will be more appropriate if you are using Grelwood Shank. The idea is, from the moment you took CI, all your passives that increase life, such as the full scion life wheel, is just gravely wrong. Your tree right now gives you less int than strength, in contrast to the ultimate aim of having higher int than str, then higher str than dex. You'll need a massive overhaul for your tree.

As soon as you got 75% elemental resistance, you should focus on stacking int and int only. Think HoWA as your only source of scaling damage, which is done through stacking int. int by its nature gives you ES. Using Shaper's Touch gloves, str will give ES instead of life just like int.

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Thanks again for an excellent build - the last build I played that felt this tanky was pre-nerf Aegis/Soul Taker, and this clears far faster.

Just leveled deathless 96 to 98, with a dozen uber elders and a bunch of 400+ delve on the way. Currently at 14.8k ES and 809k single ball dps with moderate (for standard) investment.
Why getting Spiritual Aid to improve minions effect?
zakesriel a écrit :
Why getting Spiritual Aid to improve minions effect?

Spiritual Aid makes it apply to you, and between the damage increased and accuracy it's about a 15% more damage for 5 points.
Anybody have any final recommendations on the next item i should upgrading?

Maybe the weapon? But I feel like 5% attack speed not worth the cost investment.

My total dps on POB is currently 606,287 using molten strike, I can get it to 725k using shapers gloves with 10% attack speed + projectile weakness instead of enfeeble on hit. But I am on hardcore so I though the extra defense would be a good idea.

My total ES right now at level 97 is 13.1k

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Hi everyone,

I have one open prefix and one open suffix spot on the below neck. I will obviously craft % energy shield on the suffix, but was wondering what people thought would be the best choice for the suffix, assuming that I don't need more resistances? If there are no clear damage choices, I am thinking I will just get the % all resistances which will make upgrading my ring earlier.

One open prefix and one open suffix is based on the multiple crafted mod taking the other open suffix spot.

Thank you all.

Rarity: Rare
Fate Gorget
Lapis Amulet
Level: 65
Item Level: 84
+30 to Intelligence
+54 to Intelligence
+37 to maximum Energy Shield
1% increased Damage per 15 Intelligence
Shaper Item


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