[3.12 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

i have question.
When I equip Bottled Faith ... what flask i remove ? Basalt Flask of Dousing ?
How to manage remove burning or bleeding or freezing ... ty :)
Malbini a écrit :
DeltaKaiser a écrit :
600 ex investment and I don't know what else to improve on lol.


just my ideas if you really wanna improve more:

- switch to the mirrored foil

and ofc the saviour or even better paradoxica (im too lazy to explain the mechanics of paradoxica but claws (even godlike ones like yours) cant compete with this combo)

also search for an amulet with

- t1 added phys (deafening essence of contempt like you are using now)
- t1 crit multi
- t1 crit chance
- t1 max life

(does this even exist lol ?)

- stygian vise with delve mod %global phys dmg

or the hunter mod like the belt im using (enemies have - total pphys reduction)

gloves enchant "commandment of reflection" (creates a clone of you) does a lot of dps too!

we are reaching POB-level of items here though : )

Will look into this for sure, don't know how to check what the final pob dps change for the sword switch tho, gota check if its worth it.

Appreciate the tips mate! Cheers

Currently at around 25Mill shaper dps.
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How are you guys dealing with blighted maps?

I'm doing t16 normal but I'm failing even on t1 blighted maps, mobs from two or more sides is just too much
I am using
, so I have another annointment option. What would be the best annointments after Claws of the Hawk ?
Hi all !
Like many here, just wanted to say thanks to Bergerbrush for this build !
Been having a lot of fun so far, killed A8 Sirus for the first time, did the 20 waves and still see room for improvement to my character !
Where is the marauder version of this ? I can't find it. Thanks !
Cost me just over 4ex total to make this thanks to your video. Very pleased!

Sefirotcler a écrit :
He recommends me to go for the multimoding in this?

In this claw can add more physical dmg w multimod?
MaroonHeart a écrit :
I am using
, so I have another annointment option. What would be the best annointments after Claws of the Hawk ?

Tailwind + Elusive bot makes mapping much more faster and smooth
Hi boys i have 20ex for expend.
What would be the next update that you recommend

This is mi actual gear. I think go for awakaned gems is nice option?


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