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Hi found your cyclone build on youtube and it has killed sirius multiple times and everything else. Reason I was looking at this rain of arrows build was for blight maps. How do the changes in 3.9 stand would you leave the build as is for blight maps or still switch to champion? Also I saw you say some switching barrage to ballista? If so is the ballista 6L the same as barrage? Thank you for your builds.

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I've been following this build more or less. I don't have all the best gear, but I'd honestly say I have probably 90% of it. I have 9 watchstones now, and have spawned Baran for the third time now (I think?) but he's been handing me my ass.

The mobs on his level seem to kill me 4 times, so by the time I get to Baran I've only got 2 portals left. I usually get him down to 66%, sometimes 33%. Half the time he one-shots me right as I'm come back into his zone. He's off the screen so I can't see what he's doing, I just walk right into it.

I've got 117% lightning resistance, so at this point I can only think it might be one of a few things: maybe I'm missing something important with the gear, or maybe it's because I'm playing on a (non-gaming) laptop while waiting to rebuild my PC. Maybe I'm running slow or lagging or something?
I know you have been recommending Champion now but if defense is something people have struggled with, what do you think about continuing as Slayer for extra leech (bit more defensive than Champion). Plus, we have Headsman and 20% cull as Slayer. Or do you think the Master of Metal node for Champion is just way too strong to pass up?
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Build seems cool as for now level 83 3.10, but why do we even go Resolute Technique? Wouldn't crit help?
Hey, what you suggest to change for helmet ? becouse we cant really get that helmet yet, maybe i can look for something to replace it for now?

(fossil crafting got changed tbh :/)
How good is the bossing potential of this build?
Im at lvl 91 and i liked this build until now, thanks!
Just hit level 90 with a champion version of this build. This has been the strongest character I've made in 2 leagues. Also couldn't find any cluster jewels I wanted to use, so I stayed with the regular tree. if you have any recommendation for the new cluster jewels would appreciate any advice.
Hey OP, thanks for the great guide. This is my 2nd league and I've used this for both Delirium and Meta. Three questions/comments:

1. I'm now at lvl 90. Can you post your suggested skill tree for lvls 90-100?

2. What do you think of The Effigon? I don't know the crafting/enchanting stuff, but if it could have life, ES, or phys damage added to it wouldn't it be a great addition to this build? I have one with the following stats:

17% increased Rarity of Items found (implicit)
+25 to Dexterity
Adds 12 to 24 Fire Damage to Attacks
+132 to Accuracy Rating
+100 to Evasion Rating
+29% to Fire Resistance
Your Hits can't be Evaded by Blinded Enemies
Damage Penetrates 10% Fire Resistance against Blinded Enemies

Since your build uses Sand Stance nearby enemies would be blinded and this amulet would hit them with an extra 12-24 damage and penetrate 10% of their resistance (as will whatever additional fire damage you're already doing). Since this comes with Fire Resistance you can focus on other resistances on your other gear, and the other stats on this are useful too. Your guide suggests crafting Endurance Charge but also states that could be done on the rings, so maybe this could be turned into something more useful?

3. You might want to add some notes to your guide about various (and maybe cheaper) ways you can obtain the gear:

In my first league I sold the The Magnate and bought The Nomad, this league I learned "Fated Uniques" was more than just the name of a group of items, it was a group of items that could be upgraded. All you'd have to do is add a few words: "buy the Magnate, then upgrade it to The Nomad".

I learned the Arborix can be made from a vendor recipe. It's true your roll may not be the best, but it still might be better than what you had, and it could be a stepping stone to get you farther, to a point where you're making more currency and can afford a better one.

I think you have some other stuff that can be obtained in various ways (IIRC Belly of the Beast could be gotten through grinding div cards in some areas), etc.

All in all, great guide, and I'll probably get better at using it as I go. In Meta it took me 2 months to get to level 80, I think this time I got there in 1 month. Maybe next league I can get that down to 2-3 weeks.
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