[3.8] Enki's Voidforge Consecrated Path Slayer

I've just started this build just because it was from Enki and I enjoyed your Arc build but the start with Consecrated Path was rather meeh so I swapped that with Cyclone for leveling and kept Consecrated Path in the secondary weapon slots just to lvl it.
I swapped to it yesterday after lvl 67 and equipping Voidforge and I must say the dmg is pretty good so far I'll be curious about mapping and if it's good I'll invest a bit and test uber elder with it :)

WorderMostFoul a écrit :
Knowing Enki, this guide will become a lifeblood staple of the game.

^--- This.

My blood pressure spiked when I saw this thread and realized it was a new Enki build!
If Enki made a build then you have to play it.
How about annointing Winter Spirit? Then we only need another 30% conversion.
Build is really fun. I just use inpulsa over loreweave tho cuz its effective doing these blighted maps. Might be a bit overkill but it looks really nice :D
Sorry for my inactivity, new gem setup is up now but videos are still with the old setup. Thinking of improving the build further and then making it the melee counterpart to my Arc guide. Will probably take a while, so might aswell wait until next patch with that.
This build is amazing!

I finally found a build melee that I found fun, and it's extremely strong.



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