3.5 BETRAYAL STARTER! RaT Onslaught Barrage Impale/Bleed Totems x4 (Champion)

Es I said earlier, your scaling dmg is bad cause this build focus to much on simple attack speed, with high lvl chance to bleed or vicious Proj you should have enough dmg for clear/bossing.
Keep in mind that we don't have the impale numbers jet so no calculationon it eather.
Aiming for https://pastebin.com/txWEya5t

About 40k per totem so 160k total + Impale damage which I have no idea how to calculate.

19K Evasion + 25k Armour(with flask) makes Perseverance get a nice damage boost, and Onslaught always up. Combining that with Daresso's Defiance for double the Onslaught effect is nice(160% movement speed with flask).

The Devouring Diadem will heal you to full every 5 seconds and lets you fit Haste + Grace + Herald of Purity.
IGN: Tesael
Thanks ameron for the pastebin.

Here's my updates to yours.


245,108.8 shaper dps thats all 4x totems.

100% life i dont play too much life upside is more evasion and armour.

Chaos rez is on my version is bad but chaos flask is good.

You can hit 250,000 going elemental i think per totem that be 1 Million shaper dps.

Dont know much about impale other than this example.

Impale x1 - 10%
Impale x2 = 20%
impale x3 = 30%
impale x4 = 40%
impale x5 = 50%
imaple x6 = 60%
imaple x7 = 70%

thats rapidly keeping the max 7 on for 70% of the current hit, Unmitigated damage which like armour penetration in this game.
Can you update this build with some videos?

I'm curious, but I don't want to spend my currency on a build that's mediocre vs end-game or syndicate...


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