3.5 BETRAYAL STARTER! RaT Onslaught Barrage Impale/Bleed Totems x4 (Champion)

My league starter is Onslaught Totems in this case Range Attack Totem x4 (1x Base + ancestral bond + 2x multiple totem support on a Champion using Barrage and the Impale mechanic with bleed as auxiliary damage on top of the rapid impale stackin for each stack of impale we get 4 to 8 added physical which increases the bleed effect. (7 Max) or (28 to 56 flat physical *if you use Abyssus Helmet that's another 40 to 60 flat physical on top of that for a total of 68 to 116 flat physical but you need to choose Fortify node in Champion ascendancy. It also sticks around since we're so fast it refreshes constantly.)

So Impale will inflict 10% unmitigated dmg back to target and we're firing 200 arrows/sec, constantly keeping it a Max Stacks, so each hit does additional 10% unmitigated damage, that's 200% unmitigated damage a second - how much idk or whether impale is worth the effort. gotta test.

RaT Barrage has always been a starter budget friendly build that deals Millions of DPS, clear speed is good if you get +2 pierce one from Poacher's Aim and Penetrating Quiver or Drillneck, frees up pierce gem and you dont need to travel to Shadow area to get pierce to free up gem.

Now we have Onslaught Totems x4 on Champion!!!

A good league starter has all gems needed as quest rewards. (doubt Duelist gets Multiple Totems so buy it or get to Library ASAP.) otherwise you get all gems as rewards. except for int gems so get em in library.

Weapon Choice: Lioneye's Glare Bow (hits cant be evaded) or Death Opus for +2 Arrows and Crit Multi.

Link setup:
4L Range Attack Totem, Barrage, Faster Attacks, Multiple Totem

5L Range Attack Totem, Barrage, Onslaught, Multiple Totem, Faster Attacks

6L Range Attack Totem, Barrage, Onslaught, Multiple Totem, Faster Attacks, GMP

-NOTE : Faster Attacks is better than Onslaught on totems but if you wanted real fast totems add Onslaught since the lower you go in attack rate the higher numbers you need to meet to get that 0.01% additional decrease/increase in attack speed.

(Possible other link options include : Chance to Bleed (early on only), LMP (early on), Pierce (VERY GOOD Option)

Utility Links:
4L CWDT lvl 1, Enfeeble, Increase Area of Effect, Immortal Call

4L Lightning Golem, GMP, Faster Attacks, Minion Speed

2L Flame Dash, Faster casting (early lvling until you get quicksilvers)

Aura Links
Artic Armour

x3 Quicksilvers with Adrenalin get it from beastiary crafting (may want to get cheap The Magnate unique belt for 50% increase in flask charge generation to keep all 3 quicksilvers up time)

Replace Quicksilvers with Damage Flasks like Taste of Hate and Dying Sun. Dying Sun is a must have as it adds 2 additional projectiles which if you know barrage is nuts on damage.

Leveling Tips:
Dont use quill rain (if you decide to drop bleed go lightning and THEN use quill rain). Low bleed dps and impale dps. Use any crafted attack speed bow with high physical damage aim for 300%-400% end game.

Start by grabbing all the attack speed noded until Art of the Gladiator turn left to the Life nodes and armour/evasion, go through and grab the 30% bleed chance then the 25% bleed chance by bloodmagic. that's 55% bleed chance without the GEM and eventually you'll want to grab the additional 25% bow bleed nodes near ranger by going around towards scion for atk speed up for more atk speed then towards shadow for more atk speed then down to the bow ranger bleed nodes for 70% chance to bleed without GEM. You dont do that until much later when you get all the atk speed nodes.

From here probably act2-3 by now, go all the way up by the maruader area blood magic route and 25% bleed nodes up that path all the way to templar area to Ancestral bond. You will be in Dry Lakes by then and have +2 totems now. (this step unsure of cuz theres the new Multiple Totem support what level is it and where do we get it which class unlocks it initially we dont know yet) plan for this and skip AB if this is lower then lvl 31 requirement. it's probably lvl 38 gem so if that's the case work your way towards Ancestral Bond. By lvl38 u get Multiple Totems (if its lvl 38?) and AB plus base totem for 4 totems.

Note - You could skip Ancestral Bond and use Skirmish Quiver for +1 Totem at lvl19 and there real cheap no one likes em =-(.

When PoB updates i'll post a pastebin link with dmg numbers.
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Very cool looking forward to seeing where this goes :D Ty

also plan on picking up

Inspirational now also causes your Banner skills to reserve no mana, recover 20% of planted Banner Stages when you cast a banner while you have a banner planted, and causes you and nearby allies to recover 0.5% of maximum life per Banner stage when you plant a banner. It also grants 15% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills.

Might be badass
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this looks like it would be a beast of a build might try it out as my league starter as well
This seems really interesting. May you provide a pob link?
When impale gets updated in PoB added I will post pastebin links to PoB.

Problem I see right now is 20% chance to impale at 200+ arrows/sec is like 20 impales per a sec probably more but averages to 20 cuz its only 20% chance to impale unless you get resolute technique. or the BEST Option use Lioneye's Glare unique bow.

I also think bleed scaling might not be good, and may go quill rain with lightning elemental damage stacking abyss jewels for bow and generic lightning damage. This approach would allow you stack even more impales without comprising damage.

But the goal of the original build was to scale bleed off the charts with impale, bleed until now didn't have a way to scale properly. probably go this if impale doesn't proc often enough even with hundreds of arrows, you will need quill rain but only if you go lightning damage and not say physical. Take GMP out for Elemental Attack support and add tons of lightning bow dmg abyss jewels with Dying Sun, Inpulsa and Tombfist (elemental is more expensive quite expensive but bleed is cheap less than 1 chaos to roll that as league starter, but the way this game works is there are not many physical scaling items unlike lightning and elemental hence impale stackin needs to compete against inpulsa to be on par not sure if it will). I'd also go crit to crit SHOCK for even more dps.
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Added a new Strength Skill Gem - Dread Banner: Cast to reserve mana and carry a banner which lets nearby allies inflict Impale with attacks, and lessens the accuracy of nearby enemies. Gain stages by impaling enemies while carrying the banner. Casting the skill again places the banner, ending the mana reservation. Once placed, it becomes more powerful for each stage gained while carried.

I wonder how much of a chance it gives. On top of the 20 percent from acen
Dread Banner impale chance only effects allies unless it stated ingame *you and allies* in the wording in patch notes seems like only allies could be wrong if it isnt that would improve this build tremendously (i'm thinking GGG might make an impale support later this league)
Dread Banner is a higher level skill that gives you and nearby allies a chance to impale with attacks, while lessening accuracy of nearby enemies. Each time you impale while carrying the banner, the banner gains stages. Like War Banner, placing the banner ends the mana reservation on you and grants large amounts of duration, radius and aura effect per stage. Dread Banner also grants fortify for a short time, with additional fortify effect based on the number of stages you've built up.

Thats straight from

Definitely use dread banner, i will, if we can get 40%+ chance to impale this build would work for physical somewhat just not as high dps as i was thinking since theres very few physical items to scale your flat physical dmg stacks from impale. Could cut out life nodes for shadow area but not sure.

Current build grabs all the attack speed nodes everywhere by level 52-55 all attack speed nodes will be taken with a few life nodes on the pathing.

The goal is to get 5.0 attacks per a second, without quill rain. so 4x totems x5 attacks per second with 10 projectiles per attack for a total of 5x10x4= 200 attacks a second. Now if dread banner gives 20% or more chance to impale, that would allow us to stack 40 impales a second or more, which is more on par with top tier items. 160 - 320 flat physical added to dmg a second, plus impale does damage on top of the flat physical so that's a bonus. Remember depending on what end game bow you have, thats added flat physical on top the actual bow physical. so we get a pretty good dps totem build, but inpulsa is broken, so elemental damage will probably beat it in dps, cuz one ***one or two items*** a physical build cant do.
What gems do you plan on leveling with before getting ancestral bonds?


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