[3.8] Dreamfeather Machine. Champion/Gladiator Build. | All Content! League Starter - Budget!

I started with this build and it's been amazingly smooth.

I transitioned from Resolute Technique to Crit based around level 85, and picked up 2 Paradoxica swords instead of Dreamfeathers. They scaled well, but I wanted to take it a bit more.

Here is my PoB - https://pastebin.com/R02LU16u

I've done all content except Atziri with this build (because reflect = dead). It's super faceroll and easy. I just wish Cyclone were a faster skill and didn't slow you down while spinning!
~ Seph
For boots, thoughts on atziri's step?

It gives a lot of evasion, ms, and a decent amount of life. Doesn't have the cold res, but the dodge spell makes the character a bit beefier?


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