3.3 Vaal Doublestrike Champion - 12million+ Shaper DPS. (Standard / Incursion) Uber Elder Deleted.

I wanted to pop in and say thanks for the build :)

Just hit 85 and got my setup to where I like for mapping, heading for 90 and then will push uber.

Any critiques let me know :)
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Can someone look at my DS build and suggest ways to improve my dps? Do I need to level my gems or am I missing something more? I'm not sure what to do at this point besides level my gems/buy better gems to see if it helps.
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Dernière édition par darciaz, le 15 août 2018 02:41:12

Had a blast playing the build in flashback sc. Killed all content. HH is fucking fun to add to this build. Thanks mate.

Can anyone help me look at what the next best upgrade is for me? I rushed this character up the past 2 days with what available items I had.

Edit: Uber elder deleted, gonna start farming T16 and adopt a more defensive setup. I'm most probably gonna respec to fortitude instead of first to strike, last to fall for mapping.
Dernière édition par elfril, le 25 août 2018 12:20:43
Post league update, took stuff back to standard and played a bit there. Finished off crafting some of my gear and rolled some more.
Every rare on this guy was self crafted/spammed apart from boots (And I am pretty sure they were a drop) which is nice, if not the most sensible.

I quite like the statstick. Did roll a t1/t2 added damage one, but I like the pen and the block chance on that one. Was a bit unlucky, crafted no attack mods which doesn't leave much it can hit, but hit lowest tier added fire.
Sword I had a few tries at meta scouring. On 4th attempt I hit the t1 crit, which gave me a free shot at going for an attack speed roll. Hit accuracy which isn't awful, but no good for us. So crafted attack speed and called it a day.

Amulet is a bit greedy.... But wanted to try and push the DPS.

440k dps tooltip - bearing in mind that doesn't count bleed proc, ruthless or penetration. About 4 Million on PoB.
5.5k life.
Leech isn't great, Maybe I need to spec into it more, but I hate vaal pact. Don't have acuities in standard either.

With the high crit roll on my sword I'd be better with loreweave (And got a decent one already in standard), it's actually more damage as well as defensive, but I'd need to rejig a lot of gear for resists.
Dernière édition par Carlovski, le 29 août 2018 22:25:49
Having a hard time deciding between this variation and the Claw Insta-Leech variation.

Any thoughts as a league starter?
sorry for noob question how can i sustain fortify and mana?
dpeth9900 a écrit :
sorry for noob question how can i sustain fortify and mana?

I don't know if you figure out your mana issue but you need to take a node of mana leach under vaal pact to maintain easily
can you please update this thread <3 <3 i love the build i just want more details
How do you guys generate Power Charges and whats the best option to generate power charges since I didnt saw assassin's mark or any power charge on hit corruption.


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