Necropolis Fan Art Competition

A little 32x32 Arimor

Just a funny drawing that I made the first weekend of the league.
steelsoldier a écrit :
Lantern of Arimor 64x64 resized 600%

That would make a cool avatar for the forums.
Tala Moana, Exile.
Grace of the goddess (second submission)
Dernière édition par CallMePsycho, le 5 mai 2024 23:16:55
"may the Grace of Prospero relieve you if your anguish and aid this soldier, so that you may allow them to grip their destiny!"

drawing created in procrate, I'm just learning :D

Sleepy Scion
Forum pvp
Dernière édition par lolozori, le 6 mai 2024 16:56:24
I killed this type of pac, put it into morgue but died from similar pack on R HC SSF on library level recently. I leveled with witch freezing pulse and crit chance passives to freeze more often but died from freezing followed by surrounding skeletons. Do you think flicker strike will help me from circling monsters on r hc ssf (btw)? Anyway, I do admit this is a skill issue and this is short story not expected by anyone which is little lore about this picture.
They all draw so well that I get jealous), I don't think I have a chance to win, but I decided to take part for the first time, good luck to everyone.<3

Thank you GGG for such ivents between artists

Dernière édition par AzizFakeQQ, le 7 mai 2024 08:24:18


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