Necropolis Fan Art Competition

Dernière édition par _Galanoth, le 20 mai 2024 01:00:23

Here is my submission for the competition made in Photoshop.

Master of Undeath, Grave Digger!

This is my entry, wanted to model all the characters but I think I ran out of time
Dernière édition par NuclearPlatypus, le 20 mai 2024 02:46:34
Here is another one I made, as a tabletop figure!

My entry for the Competition.
I wish everyone goodluck!
my second entry, scarab of curation, who caused a stir in the economy of the league. Made of air dry clay

a small tribute to Phox, who teatched me how to play that game with his build
The Apothecary.
Little homage to the old "Bartender" browser game:)


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