[3.5-3.11 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos.

Thanks a lot :) it felt great to finally get him down! With regards to the enlighten and mana reserved.

I'm trying to run Herald (25%), Grace (44%), Hatred (50%) instead of Arctic Armour, I think that's what you suggested to change to for SC and more damage output? but as you can see the total % is way over 100 and I can't use them all at the same time :P I was curious if I'm doing something wrong or have got confused while reading through your guide, thanks again for taking the time to reply :)
Oh dear. You don't actually run grace. You slot the gem only to use vaal grace to periodically beef up your defenses as needed. Your Herald will be at 45 due to coming calamity, even as a 6L. Hatred-Generosity-Enlighten should run at 46 on a lvl 3 enlighten or 44 for a lvl 4. This leaves 9-11% mana to power your skills.

Hope that helps. I may update the FAQ with this one later.


FAQ updated.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 3 janv. 2019 18:32:56

What about trying to use the soul of Arakaali with the increased life recovery when you've stopped taking damage over time? You can link a blood rage with a CWDT to proc the pantheon for example.

Will this help with gaining life faster and making you more tanky or is this change trivial because the life gain on hit is already so much that you'll barely notice it?

This will be my first hardcore build. I have replaced barrage by rain of arrows until I have gloves with poison and speed of attack.

Leveling the character is making me much safer and with more dps since the 40 charges are kept with just 1 mouse click.

For the hardest bosses of acts I am changing to barrage to tank better

Thank you very much for the build

Dernière édition par Krytyko, le 4 janv. 2019 13:29:40
Re Soul of Arakali:

Unfortunately the Arakali buff has no effect on life gain on hit at all. It affects only the rate at which you regain life over time (regen or leech). Since regen is only a small portion of our recovery (and we easily do maps with no regen at all) the Arakali pantheon is not really useful.

Re rain of Arrows:

For me, I preferred not needing to swap skills for the boss fights, but If this makes the build feel better for you, by all means do it! am always happy to see folks take the core idea and make it their own, and I am glad you are enjoying your variation. :>

In more personal news, of the banging-my-head-against-a-wall variety, I went and reconfirmed that the hc version of the build -really- wants Kaoms to be playing at delve depths below 400 . . . . RIP one more Brass Dome. Also that at that depth, attack speed really does become more important and the LGOH that is overkill everywhere else still wants to be maximized.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 7 mars 2019 04:34:22
What's the most efficient way to craft helmet and gloves? Which fossils?
Re most efficient fossil crafts:

For gloves: minimum of ilvl 75 elder base (85 for top rolls) use aberrant fossil only and repeat until you get both poison and faster attacks. Aberrant + shuddering technically better, but shudderings are enough more expensive (and roll still not guaranteed) that I find this inefficient. If you are wealthy, aberrant+ shuddering+ pristine will increase chances of a life roll, but still may take many tries to get the right combo and can become quite expensive. Generally I would just use aberrant. I estimate about 1 solid success every 20-40 tries.

For helm: minimum ilvl 75 elder base (ilvl 86 for a chance at +3, but just the base is rare and very expensive) Use bound fossil only and repeat until you get +2/+3 minion gem level and supported by minion damage -with no other supported by mods-. Any additional mods will cost extra reserves mana while providing no benefit, essentially ruining the roll.
You can add a pristine to try to get a life roll, but the problem is that this greatly increases the chances you will get supported by minion life also, wasting the roll. Use pristines only if you are wealthy and patient. Otherwise, just the bound fossil will still typically take a while, but is more efficient. I estimate around 1 solid success every 30-60 tries.

Good luck,


Great Build

Face tanked all so far and now hit maps..
Did a T14 map at lvl 69 LOL

I am now getting Coming Calamity etc in and wondered what gems to use in Helm
It states this
Drop Arctic Armour in favor of hatred+Generosity. This will require all of the aura reservation reduction nodes we are already next to (4 nodes) or a lvl 3-4 enlighten (expensive).
In teh FAQ

But Hatred? so this means all of our arrows will just do additional Cold damage? boosted by Generosity?

Many thanks
Glad you are liking the build.
Hatred+generosity has no affect on our arrows at all, which do only negligible damage. It will boost the damage of the crawler by the full hatred percentage of added cold as long as it is in aura range, since the crawler's damage all starts as phys.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 5 janv. 2019 21:00:06
Orion72 a écrit :
Re pure stone rotas:

When I was doing these, 5 of the six would tag out before entering boss area to allow carrier to handle boss with 1 man life. Build ought to be able to do that with no trouble. Give it a shot if you like.


That seemed to be the case. Was entering arena too early, there sometimes seems to be some sort of delay before boss hp drops back to 1 player health especially when playing on different realms. Currently going to 100 by being bosskiller for stone rota and carrying crazy modded t16 in global. A really nice change of pace, since all my previous lvl 100 were done in t11.

Currently trying to craft some upgrades by wasting essences. Cannot decide if lgoh worth it exchanging Thief's torment for 2 rare lgoh rings. Worth dropping arctic armor for aspect of the spider? Maybe avian?


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