[3.12] Hybrid's Molten Strike Jugg - Hold right click to TANK anything |MELT the Atlas|Divine Flesh|

i am at act 5 and been using molten strike now since izaro

so insane tanky this marauder build

I will try look in to the things you mention right now i have a workable 6 link with the required gems for ms

I am very interrested to see how kitava goes on act 5 :)

i am at 2k life

res are cap and at

F% 120
C% 72
L% 92

I am not sure if i oversaw some about this, but should i have as much res
as you have in your pob or is smaller better but still cap.

Loving the build so far I switched to it from a slam build. Just killed Sirus for the first time. Is it ever worth dual wielding swords, is the damage you gain from switching out the shield worth the defenses you lose in anyway ?
Hiya, question for anyone who has a bit of knowledge of anointments. I've just been playing around with my skill tree and took tribal fury from the tree, what anointment do you think would be best to replace it on xoph's? I've just put on Divine Judgement (50% increased elemental Damage) but do you think there is something better?

Any help is greatly apreciated! Is there a way to change the anointment on xoph's in pob as i could just try them all out then and see...
I've been really enjoying the build so far. My first time back in the game since early Beta and I made it through all of the content super easily, super easy to level with. Now I'm in post game and wondering how you handle Reflected Elemental Damage. Any map with Reflected Elemental is just instant death for me, just 1 hit of Molten Strike and my entire HP pool is gone. I have all of the base Passives and the next thing I need is to get the Cluster Jewel, and am at 76% Fire Resist, not sure if there are any solutions to this or to just avoid them.
thoughts on new minor god for panth now the immune to poison is gone?
Shakari is still a useful god power, limiting poisons to 5 isn't complete immunity but with just this few the damage will hardly be noticeable. I would stick with it.
Thank :)
do you have a quick breakdown of where to head for in the passive tree, especially at the upper few levels?

do we not go for cluster jewels till extremely late or if we could afford go for it first?
I have only 1 question

Can we really tank the last phase sirus' beam?

How to craft the cluster's?


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