Well the most important change in 3.8 is that RF now deals "base" damage + life component. The base damage can be increased by gem level... so an Empower + Efficacy setup beats Arcane Surge + Swift Affliction in a six-link by a huge margin.

Also using items with + socketed level of gems is now the best option to increase damage... so best in slot would be a chest with double corruption (+1 socketed gems + 2 socketed aoe gems).

Since that kind of corruption would increase your RF by 4 (2+1 to RF itself and +1 indirectly from Empower) and would also give +3 to Conc Eff and +1 to the other supports (Efficacy, Burning Damage, Ele Focus).

So even though youll lose the +30% more damage from helmet, such a six-link body armour setup will actually deal more damage.
Dernière édition par NototoHoshi, le 12 oct. 2019 23:28:08
After spending a lot of currency I still get 1 shot a over 7k health, Im only in my 80s but still sucks. I pretty sure its a freeze and my regen ends and I kill myself orthat plus the mob damage is booom. Delving horrible
For me, it feels like RF can leech with 1% of ascendancy.
At maps with - max resistances without vitality used my health was degens slowly, until i stand near enemies, it healed me, with dmg dealt.

I have this helm, and I'm confused as to the best gems to put in them. Between arcane surge and swift affliction or what I have in them currently. Could someone help me out and let me know what would be best.
First of all thank you so much for keeping this build alive :)

I have a small tip for extra survivabillty and also more effective cursing.

Instead of a CWDT setup, I am using a:
Cyclone - Curse on hit - flamabillity - Life gain on hit.

This wil lalso make for a more ingaging playstyle :)

With regards :)


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