[3.9] Sad of Dying - The undying Juggernaut Build

I bought it on Trade, I guess by chancing but not sure.
Yeah you have to chance an elder ruby ring. Apparently it’s not too hard like 100-300 chances.
I’m really enjoying this character by the way. I league started with this character and I still don’t have all the pieces yet as it’s a lot harder to get things on Xbox but the character is strong if you get some of the right pieces.

I also found a sinvictas today and started using it in my weapon swap for the rampage and man you can clear outdoor maps really fast. Although I use shield charge on mine and a few differences here and there.
Great to hear some success stories!
Thought noone is interested in the build as I got no response.
Actually I am running some interesting new stuff like Desecrate + Volatile Dead as DPS skills, seem pretty nice.

Full Build at the moment in Blight can be seen in:
PoB: https://pastebin.com/6SkWsCBV

I just replaced Vitality by Purity of Elements because I lack resistances.
Also with Combustion the Ngamahu Ring brings some decent heal.
Not to mention Shockwave Support which seems to add decent DPS but I am still curios if Critical Strikes Support is not better...
Another thing I forgot to mention is that you can use the death walk on the boots to trigger curse on hit which is what I’ve been using as I’m a bit more socket starved.
The thing is Death Walk does not trigger on Cyclone movement :-(
Anyhow I just added my current Gear and a new Video, enjoy!
Can you post your most up to date build and skill tree. I love the build but I an having a hard time trying to get the mana needed for all skills.


Latest Version is the under "Desecrate & Volatile Dead".
Also PoB is there.
Actually I am playing with another Build so there will not be much an update.
For Mana important is to have the Helmet enchant if we are talking about reservation.
For Cyclone reduction its on the chest but a ring with -7 should do too.
Praxis is for example a very helpful leveling Ring.
Thanks for the update.
id like to do this build but i want an expensive option what would you recommend.
Basically check the Luxury information.
The "Dual Wield Dual Trigger" Version is actually already listing some not cheap items.
In fact the only real options to make this expensive is to use max-roll items and especially multiroll Anger on Watchers Eye.

Alternatively you can hand me some Ex so it feels more expensive :-)
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