[3.5] Dual Wielding Smite Champion

Hi, everyone. Again here with a new build this time around a melee skill that impressed me the last league but I haven't tried.

This league I did a ranged character again with Vaal Power Siphon but I realized that it was time to take a break from ranged skills and try something new that could be executed with a fairly cheap budget and could scale well enough to push through atlas at least to Guardians. So with this, I gave to Smite a shot and it did very well.
Combined with all the goodies that Champion has Smite is a very good skill that has great clear-speed and could be a potential boss killer the more you invest on your gear.


I'll keep updating this section as I will keep uploading videos to my YT account. You'll see that my videos are kinda laggy, I don't know why. But if you can enjoy it, great then. The quality of my videos are kinda shitty, I'll se how I can fix that in the next videos.

An incredibly awful (SO AWFUL) performance doing this Hydra map, gosh... I really need to learn how to play a melee build properly, enjoy if you can xD. T16 Lair Of The Hydra:

T15 Lava Lake:

T15 Tower Map:

T14 Basilica:


I've forgot this section :( I'm sorry.

+ Can be fairly budget => I guess I've spent like 2 EX in total in all my gear and with all I've pushed through atlas until Guardians, I'll upload a video of this.
+ Free Intimidate and Taunt on enemies => Not necessary to buy Tombfists however it will greatly increase your DPS because of Abbys jewels. Taunt grants 100% accuracy rating.
+ High attack speed thanks to Adrenaline.

- Investing in life is hard and can be very expensive.
- You can feel squishy sometimes.
- Low accuracy rating without Taunt (88% melee accuracy rating at the moment).
- You'll need +6K HP if you want to play safe. I'm on 5.2K HP => pretty low for melee standards.
- I'm not very good with melee builds :(


Basically, you will start taking the life nodes and Dual Wielding nodes in the Duelist Area and you will head right away to the Ranger section to pick up some life, WED, more Dual Wielding nodes and, if you want, pick all the Brutal/Fatal Blade wheel. Then head right away to the Shadow Area picking up more life and Crit chance/Crit multi. Then pick some lightning damage/penetration near of the Witch Area and more life.

Currently, I'm lvl 90 and this is my PoB for clear speed (note that the "Is the enemy a Boss" IS NOT SELECTED):

And this is boss PoB link (check that I swapped out the Lightning Penetration Gem for Conc. Effect and Ancestral Call for Ruthless. And the "Is the enemy a Boss" option this time IS SELECTED):

Lvl 91 currently, changed my offhand weapon and some jewels => 1.4 m DPS against shaper:


In my main hand a pure elemental foil. This one I bought it for just 1C. I've crafted AS on it. The ideal foil would be one that has T1 Lightning damage, T1/T2 AS, WED and the Delve Prefix "Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (16–20)% Elemental Resistances". Crit chance and Crit multi is a plus on your weapon.

LINKS: Blood Rage to generate frenzy charges on kill, Ice Golem more crit chance and accuracy, and we keep here Ruthless to swap out for Ancestral Call in my 6L chest.

In my off-hand, I have a foil with high AS and T1 Lightning damage, some crit chance and I crafted Phys with Blind on hit just to proc Blind on enemies. We have a little bit of Physical Damage, but the point is to stack as much elemental damage as possible. On our off-hand we will need something like the ideal foil that we would need for our main hand. The DPS will ramp up with ease:

LINKS: Assassin's Mark, Curse On Hit, Herald Of Ice, classic CoI support. We generate Power Charges in this way when we shatter something.

My chest, in this case, is a pure life chest. The best choice would be an Inpulsa but they are stupidly expensive this league. A cheaper option would be 6L Elder chest with Crit Chance on it and high life. You can use a Belly of the Beast too, I guess that a Carcass Jack would be good too for clear-speed due to its increased AOE.

LINKS: Added Lightning Damage, Lightning Penetration, Multistrike, Smite, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Ancestral Call. This is when I'm mapping. If I'm going to face a boss I swap Ancestral Call for Ruthless and Lightning Penetration for Concentrated Effect.

For boots and gloves just life and resistances. AS on gloves is a plus. Commandment of Fury is a great glove enchant for clear speed.
On boots elemental damage penetration if you haven't killed recently is the best choice.

Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Blood Magic, our movement skill and to help triggering Fortify and get the buff from the Ascendancy.

Vaal Double Strike, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Added Lightning Damage, Elemental Focus to help during boss fights.

Like the other pieces of my gear, my helm has life and resistances. Search for the "Smite deals 40% increased Damage" enchant to rump up your DPS.

LINKS: Cast When Damage Taken, Wrath, Ancestral Protector,
Immortal Call.

For the belt, just a Stygian Vise with life, increased lightning damage, resistances and WED.

An amulet with flat lightning damage, life and crit multi.

For rings, life resistances, flat lightning damage and WED if possible.

And in my secondary weapon, I have a Blasphemy Aura setup with Blood Magic + any curse that takes enough life to proc Adrenaline.

For flask you can choose whatever you want, these are my flasks:

I guess you can replace the Sulphur flask for a Vinktar's Flask to pump your DPS up. Remember that Vinktar's shocks you and so you take increased damage.


Whenever you are going to face a boss, swap out Ancestral Call/Lightning penetration for Ruthless/Concentrated Effect respectively. Then press X to select your secondary weapon (take into account that, in my case, I have Herald Of Ice in my primary weapon so I have to activate it again when I swap back to my main weapons), use your Blasphemy+curse setup, proc Adrenaline, swap back to your main weapons, summon your Ice Golem/activate your Herald if you have them on your main weapons, enter to the boss room, summon your Double Strike minions, pop up your flask and melt the boss.


Help Alira: crit multi and resistances are great options for this build. If you manage to craft very good jewels go for the 2 passive points instead.


Brine King to avoid Stun chains. Ryslatha, whenever you are doing trials and Labyrinth. Solaris whenever you are facing a single boss. This means that you can choose whatever it suits the better for you.


Some rares and 2 Murderous jewels the help stacking lightning damage:

For rare jewels there are a bunch of mods that you can search: crit multi while dual wielding, melee crit multi, attack speed with swords, crit multi with elemental/lightning skills, whatever you want.

For Abbysal jewels search for highest lightning damage to attacks/to sword attacks if possible, Onslaught on kill, attack speed if you've crit recently, crit multi, crit chance.


Conqueror => Worthy Foe => Unstoppable Hero => First to Strike, Last to Fall

And this is all! Make sure to ask questions if you have any doubt :) see you out there, exiles.
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Looks really cool, Would it work with claws?
masterxkroxgk a écrit :
Looks really cool, Would it work with claws?

Thanks in taking your time reading my post, dude. I hope you're doing well. Honestly I don't know, I felt curious to try this build with claws. If try it someday I will update this thread with a new PoB code to show the results :) let me know here if you do it before I do!
masterxkroxgk a écrit :
Looks really cool, Would it work with claws?

Searching on PoE wiki Smite won't perform with claws, just with axes, swords, staffs and unarmed. So won't be possible to do it with claws :(
And varunastra?
masterxkroxgk a écrit :
And varunastra?

Sure! Varanustra will work depending on the build that you are working in that moment. In this case, will work as sword/axe and not as a claw. I don't know if you have much difference between the damage you can get from an axe than a sword. Maybe I should test and see what happens.
Dernière édition par Educmack, le 28 janv. 2019 14:37:08
BADNEWSQQ a écrit :

What do you mean with this? xD
This build is stupid.... If you read the skill description you will see that it converts phys to lightning that means you need the highest phys weapon to do proper damage. And why duelist when you could have gone inquisitor to ignore resists on crit... I suggest you do proper research next time you post a build on the forum.. I would write nice try but you didn't even try.
FLasH a écrit :
This build is stupid.... If you read the skill description you will see that it converts phys to lightning that means you need the highest phys weapon to do proper damage. And why duelist when you could have gone inquisitor to ignore resists on crit... I suggest you do proper research next time you post a build on the forum.. I would write nice try but you didn't even try.

I'm sorry that you don't have the proper manners to say hi at least... You don't need phys conversion if you can't afford it. Going for elemental damage, stacking lightning damage the most, instead of phys conversion is the cheapest way for me to do some proper damage. Instead of being a disrespectful person, at least take a moment to read the build because from what I'm seeing, you didn't. The build is not stupid, and I'm very well aware of the innate conversion that Smite has. Another example for your dirty mouth: go and tell Mathil about his Smite Raider, and the all those insults that you said to me :) he did EXACTLY the same that I did here but with more OP gear: a Smite Raider with elemental damage. YOU should do proper researches before saying some dumb things. Hope you are doing well.


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