[3.6+3.7] Hasunics HoWA Moltenstrike CI Jugg | Uber Elder Farmer

The build got gutted pretty hard in legion, projectile damage from molten strike is nerfed ~40%, which PoB does not take into account (They havent changed gems). ES got gutted by nerfing dense fossil and changing witch starting area, but they added a cluster that gives 150+ intelligence for 3 points at heart of thunder. Immortal Call got nerfed/changed and it might be usefull to have level 20

PoB level 90: https://pastebin.com/zTvriYEQ
PoB level 100: https://pastebin.com/s5D3SjGm (No mana leech, I think you get enough regen, but otherwise you can spend 2 points at duelist area to get 0.4% life/mana leech

Getting a 1% damage per 15 intelligence/12% attributes multimodded shaper amulet can increase your damage alot now

Leveling Guide
Leveling Uniques

Gem Setup Tabula

Molten Strike(Boss) + Lightning Strike(Fast area clearing)
Onslaught (Untill you can get flask)
Elemental Damage With Attacks
Elemental Focus
Ancestral Call
Faster Attacks

Passive trees

Life HoWA skill trees
First off, please pick some resistances or life nodes if you need it! This is only a suggestion to the leveling path while using HoTM -> HoWA

30 point (32 with fertile mind)

52 points (56 with bruteforce + wildfire)

60 points

93 points

101 points

ES HoWA(Respec)

Video showcase

DPS calculation(3.6 calculation)

Bandits + Ascendency + Pantheon
Bandits: Kill all for two points 2 points




Soul of Arakaali with 50% increased recovery for energy shield.

Blood rage combined with CWDT+IC makes the recovery rate proc often.

Ralakesh: Cannot be blinded and increased chance to avoid bleeding + less DoT with bleeds.


Quick gear overview

Main Hand

Best corruption: local Increased Attack speed
Next best corruption: added lightning damage


I personally prefer Incandescent Heart over a 750ES Vaal Regalia. If you pick VR you take 20% more elemental damage than you would normally and lose a lot of physical reduction from the extra added armour.


Preferable corruptions: Curse On Hit, Attack speed, extra frenzy charge, +2 AoE Gems/+1 Gems (Auras)


This goes so well with HoWA, ES attack builds and Shaper’s Touch
Rare amulet with 1% damage per 15 intelligence, 8+% attributes and crafted 20% ES could also be used, but I personally feel that they do not contribute positively to either damage or energy shield pool
Otherwise you need an alternative skill tree, that stacks more intelligence and thus utilizing the +1% damage per 15 intelilligence


Provides Shock immunity and burn immunity.
Needs to have strength higher than dexterity
Good corruption: + Str/int % or + Int/dex %
Increased aura effect of discipline
Increased aura effect of wrath
+% to all elemental resistances


Go for 300 ES or higher,Intelligence and resistance you could go for an atziri helmet if you want to save currency on lvl 4 enlighten and crafting a hubris circlet


Go for 350 ES or higher, intelligence and resistanc

Rare sorcerers boots are best(High ES + Intelligence + Resistance)
Death’s Door are good if you need bleed immunity
Sin Trek (Cheap)

Consider using the +movement speed +% chance for onslaught crafted prefix if you cannot get a abyss jewel with +% chance for onslaught on kill


- Cap resistance + Intelligence is minimum
- Getting extra strength, energy shield, Elemental damage with attacks and added lightning damage is also very strong, and you should try to get this.


• Vessel Of Vinktar (preferable lightning penetration or Added
lightning damage to attacks)

• Atziri’s Promise

• Wise Oak (14% or 15%)

• Dying Sun

Magic Flasks
Go for Increased Duration or less charges used (boss fights) + Immunity to Curses (If you have corruption blood immunity on gem and Cyclopean Coil).

• Silver Flask (Uses many charges – If you have onslaught on boots pass this)

• Sulphur Flask (40% increased damage, uses small number of charges and gives ES regeneration)

I think Sulphur Flask is much more powerful than Silver Flask due to many more uses in bossfights.


In general, abyss jewels can provide a higher amount of energy shield and solid damage.
Normal jewels can provide crazy dps numbers

Abyss jewels
Go for the following: +Energy Shield (35-50), Added lightning damage to attacks (50), attack speed, strength or intelligence, resistances or other usefull damage mods
Use either searching eye jewel(higher chance for elemental damage to attacks) or murderous eye jewel (can have lightning damage to claw attacks)

Regular Jewels
Search the following mods and set hits to be either 3 or 4 on pathofexile.com/trade and buy the cheapest.
Increased Energy Shield %, Increased Lightning Damage, Attack Speed with claws, Attack speed with one handed melee weapons, Attack speed while using shield, Attack Speed, Attack and Cast Speed, Increased Projectile Damage, Increased Area Damage, Increased Damage.
If you want more Energy Shield, need strength or resistances you can force these rolls by adding them in a search function.

Watcher’s eye
Useful mods is
18% mana as Energy Shield (Clarity) Best
15% Lightning penetration (Wrath) 2nd best
60% increased lightning damage (Wrath)
2nd best

Wildfire(Corrupted Blood on this or FM)

Fertile Mind(Corrupted Blood on this or WildFire)


• Molten strike(21/0) You do not need quality on this
(4R + 2B or 3R + 2B + 1G)

Elemental Damage with Attack Support(21/20) 1st priority
Concentrated Effect Support(21/20) 1st priority
Ancestral Call Support(21/20) 1st priority
Elemental Focus Support(21/20) 3rd priority
Damage On Full Life Support(21/20) 3rd priority

Gem Options
Point Blank Support(21/20)
1st prioity if you do not run pointblank on passive tree

Multistrike (21/20)
Since number of projectiles were nerfed in 3.5 (Subtracting 3 x 3 balls) Life gain on hit or ES on hit cannot be abused so much.

I therefore find it stronger to have more damage and leech than ES On Hit

• CwDT(1/0)
Immortal Call(3/0)
Portal/Increased Duration(21/20)
Lightning Golem(3/0)

• Enlighten Support(3/0) - If you get level 4, you can save 4% reduction on passive tree at Influence near Chaos Innoculation.
Purity Of Elements(21/0) (This basicly gives you 90 Intelligence because you save suffixes on other gear)

• Utility (I use)
Ancestral Protector(20/0)
Flame Dash(21/20)
Blood Rage(21/20)

• Curse Caster (Wave of Conviction) – CwDT(1/0)
Wave of Conviction(7/0)
Curse On Hit(21/20)
(Offensive: Projectile Weakness) / (Defensive: Enfeeble) (21/20)

• Movement (Whirling blades(1/23) or shield charge(1/0))
Faster Attacks(21/20)



• +2 Molten strike on helmet (This is by FAR the best enchant you can get) or get +1 molten strike.

• 40% increased molten strike damage or Blood Rage grants 12% Increased Attack Speed

• Some curses booster or aura reservation reducer.


Go for 10% magic penetration if you have not killed recently(4 seconds)
or 16% Attack and Cast speed on kill

Fossil Crafting
Suggested Method. Use Perfect Fossil to increase quality to 27-30%.
Then use Dense Fossil and Sanctified Fossil(Depending on price) to craft an iLvl 85 Hubris Circlet, iLvl 86 Titanium Spirit Shield and iLvl 86 Sorcerer Boots

Why do we pick Spiritual Aid? It grants minion damage to yourself - Makes it easier to get good damage jewels and you get 78% increased damage.
Analyze my gear - no
I am dying alot - Are you resistance capped? I
My damage is low - Do you have 900 or higher intelligence? You need intelligence on loads of your gear. Furthermore getting Weapon Elemental Damage and added lightning on rings adds alot of damage.
Check your jewels. Do they have alot of added attack speed?
Can I use this instead of that - Try it out and feed the thread with your thoughts and feedback.

My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
Dernière édition par Hasunic, le 7 juin 2019 04:08:37
Dernier bump le 15 juin 2019 14:00:55
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
nice copypasta ... lol

I did not know that a build guide already existed. I theory crafted this myself in delve league due to getting a watchers eye with Es on hit and alot of dense jewels. Then I decided to try as a league starter this league :) I will post pob later and my items.

Edit: Just looked over the guides passive tree :) It is not the same in my opinion.

The basics of the build is the same, but I think that it cannot be done in otherways if u want to make the max HoWA and CI.
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
Dernière édition par Hasunic, le 19 déc. 2018 06:36:15
I added gear to the guide and made it better to look at, after being inspired to use spoilers. Video of uber elder kill will come tonight after I have tugged the little one to sleep
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
The more different guide i have on a build, the better. Gj.
Thank you :) nice to be appreciated
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
Thank you :) nice to be appreciated
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2277870
Thanks! Simple explain simple and for very nice build =)

PS. Mention: if give target for huge boost attack speed from over-rating accuracy + gems (multistrike, etc.) - viable?


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