[3.5] Hardcore Betrayal Bax_CD Herald of Agony Champion Duelist HoA Beginner Friendly

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Dernière édition par 1nDecl1ne, le 19 déc. 2018 19:18:45
So, what ascendancys are the best?

I think Fortify is too "Weak" for so many points.
So its not Fortitude.
But First to Strike, LAst to Fall is pretty interesting, or?

Were you satisfied with your choice Bax?
I have read the full guide by now; here are my comments:

I dont think combining Low life, blood magic, Minion damage and full Path revamp with multiple Orbs is anywhere near beginer friendly. very beguiling and will ultimatly lead to doom.

Main reason is i am fixing on new player with 5 chaos of gear so he can stay alive when walking (and trying to make friends, lol foreveralone)

Advice to make this beginer friendly:
explain lowlife concept and exploits.
Suggest more defense or point where to look (Cwdt+IC+Duration)

Suggest low level rare gear like:
The embalmer glove creating a 5L Agony for few orbs.
Matua Tupuna: for more aura minion damage etc...

and last but not least shaper poison weapon (1-4 Chaos) with lesser poison
leading to have a 4 l weapon ball lightining.

laslty, you mention leveling auras, but they seem to be only situational. i got confused here as if you activate tehm all you have over 500% mana reservation. I could use some enlightnement* here too.

so i do recomend carfully explaining you choice of aura a bit more!

Hope you like my post.
I thank you for yours!!!



Dernière édition par Pixel_art, le 21 déc. 2018 19:46:35
so i've been playing this build on hc betrayal for a week or so now after taking a couple leagues off. Its a pretty fun build and having the herald in a 4 link to level up was super easy.

I managed to get all the gear for low life but im just waiting to level up my enlighten before swapping over, although im quite happy just on life right now.

Its pretty tanky (im still using the fortify node ascendancy) and im sitting at 9k life, using six link herald and hatred.

My biggest concern right now with going to low life i guess is not having a movement skill to dodge all these syndicate boss attacks, or immortal call setup

I would say though the life version is pretty beginner friendly but needs a bit more explaining.

Definitely cannot do the boss of map if map mod has 65% chance to avoid poison :P

Probably also worth mentioning, its super pricey on HC to swap to low life (most low life builds are though) with items like Energy from within and sin treks up from 5c last time i played to ~35c each this league
and you also need ~3500 average attempt chromatics to colour the chest for that gem setup :P
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Dernière édition par untybum2, le 22 déc. 2018 15:16:07
How much slower this build would eb for mapping then generic quill rain herald one?
couse i pretty much got all the gear i need to swap. yet i feel like i wont be able to play it after quill rain instant 40 stacks version ;)
Molten Strike with a elder fast weapon that has socketed poison is way better.

Ball lightning and lancing steel, 2 skills is just too much work and doesn't even compare to Molten Strike.

With Disc Watcher's Eye, our Molten Strike Balls leech way better than ball lightning.

The advantage of using MS is its super fast for leeching, it does impale without using lancing steel and as champion, it count as a taunt. Ball lightning does not count!

Dernière édition par NanoKits, le 6 janv. 2019 17:33:12
What can i do if a boss is chaos resist? My Crawler dont wanna spawn if i cant poison him..

thank you
Hey guys,

I just rolled in to blood magic how do I use ball lightening with out chugging life pots? Is it through a leech support gem or something?
Hi everyone, I just wanted to note that I'm a noob in this game, I barely even played it and watched/read a lot of guides. I want this to be my first build but the thing I'm concerned the most with is the loot filter. Which one of those is the most appropiate for this build in particular? Or as a starter? I haven't even completed the tutorial part of the game. I just want to have a nice first go through.
that was the best build I tried, never got to 90 in a league. At 92 I tried to switch yo the blood build and I obviously was not ready. So switching back until I can figure it out. Thanks a lot anyway!


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