This thing is a wrecking ball. It gets stronger and stronger as you progress through maps with rage generation. This build took me a while to finish, and I'm very proud of it. I hope you try it and have as much fun as I did. THIS BUILD CAN DO ALL CONTENT. I did uber elder, A8 Sirus deathless, simulacrum, 300 delve depth, shaper, fully juiced maps, and hall of grandmasters.

Here is the POB Pastebin for the build.

I'm not sure how much dps this build does but it does A LOT. I don't believe POB is calculating it correctly especially with 2 reflections active on a single target.

The play style is very fun and engaging. You're always excited once you get the full 60 rage usually mid map. You blast through packs and race to the boss to literally one-shot him with berserker active. This is a fun build. And if you get the new celestial MTX for Bladestorm, you're going to be very happy you did. It looks cool. It just is cool.

Is this HC viable? I don't know. I doubt it. We're sacrificing a lot of life nodes for big dps cluster jewels and other stats.

Required items and gear:
The build centers around two large cluster jewels that provide bloodscent. The other passive notables can be different than the ones I chose but bloodscent notables are required. You'll get 60 rage in no time with the two active cluster jewels. I usually get 60 rage by a quarter of the way into a map and it sustains from that point forward.

If you want the build to shine and get as much dps out of it as possible, I highly recommend getting transcendent spirit and placing it in the location I chose. You won't need to invest in silly accuracy on the tree or on gear. And with fortify up and with bladestorm in flesh and stone stance, we can compensate for the lack of movement speed we get from the jewel. The build is extremely fast even with this jewel. I know because I've played with other players and they struggle to keep up.

Another item I highly recommend is the transcendent flesh. This will give you huge damage with minimal points being wasted.

Obviously, if you can afford it, get the watcher's eye that gives impales you inflict last 2 additional hits while using pride. HUGE dps boost!

The gear can be very flexible. Personally I went with explode chest for faster clear and the saviour legion sword, and I think those are great options for this build. On a single target with the savior, you're getting double your damage while you have 2 reflections active. So yeah, we don't care that it got nerfed because were not using a strike skill. Do not use Abyssus. That's the worst possible helm despite its damage boost. We want to live not to get one shot by frogs. It looks great on paper but does not hold up especially since we're a Champion.

Passive Tree:
Just follow the passives I took. You can always mix it up depending on what you need.

Champion all the way. You want to first get Master of Metal, Unstoppable Hero, Conqueror, and then First to Strike, Last to Fall. Being immune to ailments will be huge quality of life for this build.

I know Worthy Foe is tempting with 20% more dps, but it's not worth the quality of life we get from the other ascendency points. Also, the enemies taunted by you can only proc if you hit in the first place or taunt with an enduring cry. You could miss on your first hit if you don't have high enough accuracy, so you might not always get the 20% boost and hits cannot be evaded benefits.

Life flask, Dimond flask, bottled fiath, lion's roar, cinderswallow urn.
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