SSF Blade vortex/RF chieftain guide/diary

The point of this build was to be a reliable character to finish uber elder with so i could start levelling to 100 without having to worry. I ended up takind down uber elder on day 4 of the league, this is a new record for me, so i thought I'd share my build/concept with anyone who's interested.
This is my first build guide in a very, very long time, so if you have any suggestions or see some shortcomings, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.

I'm currently #1 chieftain on blight sc ssf ladder

- can tank legion rares and blight uniques even in t16's with fairly rippy mods
- Amazing bosskiller
- No gear requirements to start with, get gradually better with investments
- Low amount of screen clutter

- Not the best clearspeed (shaped indoor maps are still really fast to run)
- Not the most satisfying to play for people who are used to herald of ice shatterings or explosions all over the screen
- Blights need to be managed, you can't just afk on the pump, but I've almost never failed an encounter

Pastebin for my current setup:

Current Gear

main Links

In order of importance:
Blade vortex - Controlled destruction - Intensify - Elemental Focus - Fire penetration - Added Fire/Energy leech

Gear Breakdown

You can always look at my current gear for inspiration
any spell/fire/elemental damage you can get.
Doryani's catalyst is almost best in slot because of the huge damage increase, but also because it grants the only source of leech you have, with leech, it is possible to use righteous fire without the rise of the phoenix shield, i used a singularity sceptre in my offhand for the uber elder fight, while toggling RF on and off for dps increases.


Look for life resists, preferably on an armor base.
For endgame you can try to craft an elder helmet with conc effect or inc burning damage support. Either way I recommend you use pristine fossils to get the extra life/%life suffix and see what else you get from there.

Body Armour

Look for life resists, i use an armor/ES base for easier colouring, but a pure armor base would be best.
6linking an atzoatl chest is the easiest option if you do find one, otherwise you might just want to keep using a tabula until you find a decent elder crafting base to either alt/regal or use pristine fossils on.

A few uniques you can use are:
Carcass jack - for more AoE/damage
Shroud of the lightless - only needs 5link, has decent stats, but not optimal.
Daresso's defiance - helps proc the 15% more dmg per lost endurance charge from the chieftain ascendancy. grants permanent onslaught and has decent stats.
Belly of the beast - life....


Look for life resist, can be upgraded with pristine fossil crafting.


Movement speed life and res. I found myself the atzoatl boots with 30%ms and 12% spell dodge, this is a luxury option. I coloured my boots 4 blue even though they're pure strength based, this was done putting 3 sockets on them, crafting "at least 3 blue sockets" then crafting 4 sockets and 3 sockets until I hit the 4th blue.

Life dex resists. For endgame try to get phys as extra fire elder mod.

life dex resists. life/% life atzoatl rings are amazing but rare.
I put on a mark of the shaper since it dropped, it's a good dps boost, but takes down my total hp by 100-200.

Life, reduced flask charges used and res. For endgame you can either make an elder "Increased life recovery rate" belt or use bisco's leash for quant/rampage to get a smoother mapping experience


Instant life flask with remove burning, this removes RF to let you regen up tp full life almost instantly

Ruby flask with bleed, freeze or curse immune
Granite flask with bleed, freeze or curse immune
Quicksilver of adrenaline
last flask can be anything you like that can fill out your last immunity (Bleed, freeze or curse) I use silver for the onslaught. Topaz, sapphire, basalt, quartz, amathyst and stibnite are all good options
For prefixes look for reduced flask charges used or flask duration. flask effect and reduced duration (alchemists) can be used on your quicksilver if you have enough clearspeed to support it.


Major: Arakaali: 50% more regen is insane, it's almost always up
Minor: shakari: less chaos dmg taken and poison immune, if you don't have the soul of shakari upgrade you can use abberath or gruthkul


in order of importance:
Ngamahu - Tasalio - Tawhoa - Valako


Fire conversion, 50% of phys from and 50% from phys/cold/lightning due to avatar of fire, this means we convert 100% of phys and 50% of other elements into fire damage, but can ONLY deal fire dmg, so chaos damage = 0
due to having full conversion you scale with the both physical, fire and elemental damage modifiers, as well as spell and area modifiers

Endurance charges:
we have 5-7 max end charges, with chieftain we gain 35% chance to gain an endurance charge on using a fire skill, so this can proc off our wave of conviction and flame dash, other than that i aanointed unyielding on my amulet, which grants 5% chance to gain an endurance charge on kill.
you can use a warlords mark on hit ring to generate endurance charges too, Warlords mark does NOT give you leech, but it does enable you to stun most monsters which is a nice quality of life boost in especially delve.

If you have any question, doubts or just want to discuss something, come visit me on my stream:
Or message me ingame: Fabian_SSF
On weekdays i stream from 16.00 - 21.00 GMT+1
On holidays i stream from 8.00 - 11.00 and 14.00 to 21.30 GMT+1
The time schedule is not completely accurate, but I'll do my best to keep to it.

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Really like this build, playing a slight variation on it but took a lot of the same ideas from your build. Good stuff!
thank you! If you think anything's missing please let me know


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