[3.7LSC] Terminus Est Champion Impale Flicker Strike - Right Click to Rule the World - all content!

Hi Guys! Very proud & excited to share my flicker strike build with you guys!


*Please bear in mind that currently there are some bugs with flicker strike and multistrike
*UE fight uploaded in the video section (refer to 2nd post)


Youtube Guide Link: https://youtu.be/xdwMaKLlwMQ

POB: https://pastebin.com/LAv9L5NY

My Gear


In order of importance

Flicker Strike - Multistrike - Impale - Melee Splash/Melee Physical Damage - Brutality

2H Weapon
4L Ancestral Warchief - Culling Strike - Blood and Sand - War Banner
2L Cyclone - Precision

4L Pride - Flesh and Stone - Maim - Enlighten

2L Molten Shell - Cast When Damage Taken
2L Enhance - Blood Rage

Leap Slam - Faster Attack - Blood Magic - Portal

Timeless Jewel

Sorry will update tomorrow!
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2 mins 10 secs UE Fight w Cyclone

Dernière édition par crossbunn, le 21 juin 2019 23:50:37

Q: How can I increase my melee splash AOE
A: Only way to melee splash AOE (14radius) is via increased AOE nodes in the tree or increased AOE gem

Dernière édition par crossbunn, le 21 juin 2019 23:50:53
I am intrigued.
Looks very cool. I think I'm gonna have to try this one out! What order do you get your ascendancies?
Thank you thank you ^^

I get Master of Metal - Conqueror - Worthy Foe and lastly Unstoppable Hero. I will recommend you to use cyclone to level first and get all the impale cluster first!
Dernière édition par crossbunn, le 18 juin 2019 21:37:09
Updated Gems & Gear Section, pardon for the slow update!


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