(3.7) Cyclone Champion, 12.8m+ DPS, Absurd & Probably Unachievable Build

I've never really posted to the forums in this manner before, so I apologize if my format isn't up to par. Just figured I'd throw in a ridiculous theory-craft of mine for Cyclone.

PS: I've never really made public builds before, so it's probably not up to snuff.

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/pQAgavJN
Note - There are two passive tree options. One's stupid, the other is realistic. Hopefully someone gets a laugh.
Note 2 - Headhunter for clearing, obviously. Ryslathas for bosses. The build is absurd, so of course a headhunter would be included.
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yep its absurd because your swords have 4 prefixes
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POB warrior, seriously...
nice meme
Lets just tick all the boxes and put 8 prefixes on our swords, while we're at it lets just put enemy phys damage reduction at -999999999% too. Looks even better now dude.


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