3.6 Hoa hc oriented champion, 10+k life, 2kk+ crawler dps

Another hoa build, nothing new, just my interpritation of how i see this build
A viable alrernative to super expenive hoa occu, low damage gladiator and juggernaut.
And thats what i am currently plaing at shc
- 10+k life(peakable up to 12k with good gear at lvl 100)
- 2m+ crawler dps(uppable to 3+m with lvl 4 empower/21 gem and better jewels
- realatively cheap endgame oriented gear
- fortify and ok hp regen with life gain on hit
- good bosskiller
- good starter(get a quill rain and ur gucci)
- Can take most devastating hits of endgame bosses

- Relatively slow mapping if u are not staking minion speed
- Not a juggernaut(u cannot regen 50% of ur life per second and brainafk at uber elder and stuff, u gotta dodge some stuff)
- Bad at delving(a to b is easy, going into darkness in 83+ damage moded loctaions might be painfull)
- Limited sockets
- Good at taking big single hits, yet can get hurt in overdamaged maps by harbringer packs/breaches/etc
- Ul probably going to die to this league trash optimization anyways eventually(yeah yeah intervention encounter im talking about u)

Pob: https://pastebin.com/jcrJCzu9

Gear explanation:
U want any generic 100+ life 90+ total resist helm, preferably a evasion/armor base;
Additionally u can get a hoa enchant on it(30% less mana reserve opens a ring slot for us, 2 additional proj adds 66% more damage to crawler mortar attack)

Start with a quill rain, then craft urself a bow like mine, with decent luck bow itself going to be a 4-5ex(w/o linking)
Put ur hoa set-up there, unless u already have an elder bow
+1 Tabula. calamity, Lioneye's are pretty good options
Later on get urself kaom's

Any quiver with life, atack speed, resistances
fire or light damage to proc ee
chaince to posion is a good addition aswell

Any amulet with life, resistances
note that u going to need an open prefix on ur amu and ring to craft - mana cost.

Ring 1:
Circle of nostalgia with reduced hoa mana reserve is a must unless u have a - mana reserve chant on ur hat;
Else u cannot use hatred and lose a lot of dps.

Ring 2:
Life/res as always
Grip of the council is a rly good pair of gloves that boosts our damage, at extremly low cost;
Another option will be a shaped/elder pair of gloves with added support skill and life
Dont use tomfist, already starved on sockets.

Stygian vise with life and resistances
Or u can use gluttony for a free curse on hit
Elder belt with Increase % life recovery is also a good option(but probaly the most expensive of all)

25-30 ms high life and res ones
Also u can try getting Ms+dodge/spelldodge boots from atzoatl, but they l be quite expensive to buy/craft urself

- % life and res one's are good if u lack any resist or u want more life
- Ghastly eye jewels with:
- Minion have % increased attack speed
- Life
- Minion have % increased movement speed
are best in socket, yet getting a good one's can be rly expensive
Also try getting a chance to blind jewel aswell, boosts defences by a lot

Highly suggest using 1x Forbidden taste, everything else if uo to u, get a freeze/curse/bleed remove like most of the builds.

Gem set-up:
HOA-Minion damage-Damage on full life-Pierce-Vile toxin-Empower
Maim adds 15% more damage then pierce, so if u have white sockets in ur bow u can swap in on big bosses

Posion set up:
Rain of arrows-poison-faster attacks-life gain on hit for mapping.
barrage-gmp-poison-life gain on hit for hard and fat bosses.
Hatred-generosity(u can use vitality if u have a recovery watchers eye;
u gonna lose a lot of dps but u will get a bunch of hp regen and mana reserve to work with.

Upgraded Solaris/Lunaris(Solaris for bossing, Lunaris for mapping)
Any minor god u want

Content viablity:

Map mods to avoid:
- No regen
- Cannot taunt(quite anoying but doable)
- Generic 2x damage mod on t16

Thats all for now, might add anything in future(or not)
Dernière édition par LostSinner666, le 25 mars 2019 19:24:16
Dernier bump le 19 avr. 2019 08:40:26
so i did some pob math - using vitality along with watchers eye and elder belt allows us to regen about 24% hp per second(33% on conc ground) at the cost of 700k crawler damage.
Along with acro/phase acro, evasion and blind that should be a super solid mechanics to not to die from anything(unless ur facetanking some slams at 3x damage mode maps), shaper slam crits us for 7k, so its nowhere near to kill us.
Build still having a solid 1.8kk damage
Dernière édition par LostSinner666, le 27 mars 2019 23:06:04
Thank you for the build. I am testing it and by the momment works really really well and I like it.

However I have a doubt regarding to the HOA and EE. What king of damage makes the crab? What kind of damage I have to avoid to make to ensure that EE works fine?



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