nGAire's Paradoxica Double Strike Champion - Maps Into Endgame on a Budget

This guide is a work-in progress, please be patient as I fully flesh out the guide.

Welcome to the guide, exile!

This build was my second build in 3.5's Betrayal League, after a failed attempt at Deadeye Lancing Steel. I happened upon the unique Vaal Rapier 'Paradoxica' and was consumed by ways I could maximize the damage scaling.


This build is centred around the unique sword 'Paradoxica' and scaling initial flat damage in order to be doubled in end calculations. This build can be done on a fairly low budget < 1ex and can scale way up to demolish all content.

On less than a 1 ex budget, able to get to over 2 million Shaper DPS.


About this build

+ cheap
+ fast playstyle
+ melts bosses
+ vaal double strike
+ melee
- melee
- not face roll
- cannot do phys reflect or no leech maps
- reliant on unique weapons (Paradoxicas)

Path of Building



Passive Tree

We are the Gladiator's Champion
Master of Metal (Normal)
Conqueror (Cruel)
Worthy Foe (Merciless)
First to Strike, Last to Fall (Eternal)


Gem Setup

Clearing Setup:
Vaal Double Strike - Chance To Bleed - Melee Splash - Ancestral Call - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage

Bossing Setup:
Vaal Double Strike - Chance To Bleed - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Ruthless - Hypothermia

Gear, Flasks & Jewels



Dernière édition par nGAire, le 28 déc. 2018 04:31:00
Dernier bump le 3 avr. 2019 14:53:42
Looks cool, Can you post some videos?
I can't figure out where the Paradoxica Vaal Rapier comes from.

Edit: Figured it out, well that's an issue. Can the already unveiled versions be rerolled?

Are there any different weapons options in the mean time? Thanks!
Dernière édition par xReidx, le 3 avr. 2019 17:51:19


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