Old build question for Oni-Goroshi Tectonic Champion. Please help?

Hello fellow adventurers!
I've been dabbling in PoE off and on for a while now but by any standards I'm still quite a noob. In part because I started playing this game late around 3.0 iirc

I've intended to do an Oni-Goroshi build since I first heard of it a while back, but I kept getting pulled away to other games.

ANYWAY I love the sword for multiple reasons; it's personality, dialogue, art, etc.

I'm not looking to be max deeps amazing or whatever just have fun and actually finally kill the shaper this time around. Last 2 times I just started mapping and sorta didn't break past the early mid teens. I KNOW goofy.. but whatever.

So I found an old thread from 3.2 with a build that looks fun to me and I'm using that as a guide. But I think it's old and locked as I can't ask a question there.

OK sorry.. TL;DR I just don't understand why Hatred and Ice Golem are used there. Looking at the skills and gear I don't see what adding in ice does to trigger anything? I must/hope I'm just missing something that should be obvious. Please help?

From build post:
Weapon: R-R-R-R-R-B
Tectonic Slam - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - WED - Ruthless - Inc. Crit. Strikes

All other:

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Summon Ice Golem

Hatred - Vaal Haste - Herald of Ash - Inc. Duration

Free slots can be filled with CWDT setup or(if you have 5/6l body armour) you can also use Blade Flurry(Blade Flurry - Conc. Effect - Inc. Crit. Strikes - Melee Physical Damage - WED - Maim) on bosses (but it really don't need I guess).
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OK silly me I see the Ice Golem is for the crit chance now. >_>

But what's the Hatred skill for?
Anyone? I'll donate a c for an answer! Or more once my ship comes in ;) Still leveling up here..

cuz hatred aura it helpin deman go deader
Yeah. I see that now. I have this all sorted now and have been adjusting the build to fit.

Perhaps I'll make an update but it's mostly a for fun build and not up to a Min-max standard.

I'll see how much I can squeeze out of it DPS wise and may post what I get up to for a lark.

Cheers folks! Happy Holidays!


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