Dominating Blow/HoP Champion guide!

Templar Guardian Dominating Blow:

Use this based on your preference if you want your sentinels to have crusader slam or not, mind you the ascendancies provide less tankiness compared to the champion's.

Duelist/Champion POB for level 30:

Level 65 Progression:

Level 87 Progression:

Level 100 End Tree:

Note for 100 end tree -- you can get life nodes earlier, and then jewel slots, or you can skip life nodes and go for more damage/jewel slots. Customize it to how you want it to be

Cheap Glove options:

(ups clear speed and gives you some nice explosions while delving!)

Ultimately you will want Grip of the Council:

These provide a lot of extra damage on your minions who are purely physical based.

Cheap Belt options -

Belt of the Deceiver:
intimidate, defensive stats

Bisco's Leesh:
Rampage is very strong.

Darkness Enthroned:
This belt is very cheap for the utility it gives you, you can literally build your own resist belt while easily breaking 100 life, amongst other useful minion stats on ghastly eye jewels. I would use this until you can afford a decent stygian vise with life and all res.

Unset rings, Life -> Missing Resists --> Attack speed --> Mana (can have access to the 4 beastiary bosses auras as crafted options as well!)
Best part about this you do not need shaper or elder unset rings, mind you Warlord's mark can be useful as a means to get easy endurance charges.

Shield -
Victario's Charity:
Very easy to get, cheap, and even the corrupted +1 to socketed gems will not be expensive either.

(you can experiment with shaper shields if you wish, but it's not necessary)

Chest Armour:
Belly of the Beast:
Can be cheap to obtain, don't need crazy rolls on it either

More phys damage, higher resist cap

Saqawhal's nest:
High attributes, lower mana reservation -- would only suggest getting this if you have access to crafting aspect of the avian
Also, getting 5 red 1 blue socket can be costly.

Ultimately you will want an Elder Astral Plate with:
High max life, max % life, Socketed Gems supported by maim -- there will potentially be some juicy new veiled mods that support minions, so keep an eye out!

An armour based helm (or Energy shield, doesn't matter too much)
Lab Enchant: +1 Rare sentinel, it's too good to pass up, and thankfully they are not very expensive due to low popularity.

Cheap helmets while leveling, until you can get an i80 Elder helmet with the enchant-
provides dex, and you can even work in enduring cry as a skill because why not.

Bringer of Rain:
With it's recent buff, this is actually a decent option for leveling and starting early now, it provides you a 7 link and is much easier to colour, at the cost of having no chest, but at 200+ life this is not so bad.

The Gull:
It's fun, and the shrines appear pretty often! (they can overlap even)

Elder Helm Armour base:
Minion Damage mod --> Life --> Conc Effect, Suffixes are filler.

An interesting helm to aim for is using a corrupted essence fossil craft on the helm, with Bound and Lucent Fossil

This can get you a 1 in 4 chance of having Socketed Gems gain 50% of Physical Damage as extra Lightning Damage
On top of Conc effect and Minion damage you can effectively 7 link your helm and have some very scary Spectres (Solar Guards or the new Vaal Fanatics with high HP and attack speed)

Weapon Options:
Prismatic Eclipse is not dead!:

Not the best option but its something you can use

Swing fast, Leap Slam Fast, you got a bunch in this one.

Really though, save up for a ...
Soul Taker:
No mana, no problem, reserve to your hearts content =D (it's also very fast and has ok damage)

Neck pieces-
Amulets are bread and butter, really just stick with Turquoise amulets that have high life, resists, and then Mana.

You can then pick up a shaper one (iLevel high enough for mana reserved which is i82 but not really necessary)

You can also get an Elder one to get +1 Spectres via Bound Fossil as well as minion movement speed (elder not required) with life and resist(s)

an interesting Amulet to work with though is Aul's uprising
Specifically the hatred one.
If you can get this, you can greatly increase your survivability because hatred will no longer reserve mana, which will let you spec into Mind over Matter.

I'm still working on the rest of the options, please bear with me, but it's pretty fun overall, and you get access to the new banners to really dish some physical damage out there!
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