cheap 450k+ shaper DPS glacial hammer shatter champ hc

Level 88 PoB

PoB Notes:
-The weapon damage and hypothermia buff are reliant on freezing/chilling enemies.
-I did not include bloodrage for frenzy charges/buffs because many bosses will not spawn minions consistently.
-Aside from Lion's Roar every offensive buff will be up consistently
-Elemental overload should be up consistently for bosses, but many small changes can be made to have it always(CWDT-Orb of Storms)
-Damage buff from AW is included but direct damage from AW(50k-100k depending on supports) has not been counted

My Gear

My gear was obtained for about 2 exalts in HCD. Included are the cost of fossils/essences used to craft. Not included are quality gems which will cost 40c or so more. Naturally you won't get the exact gear that I have, but you can improve upon some of my pieces and lose out on others with the same budget.

Gem links:

Glacial Hammer-Melee physical-Elemental with attacks-Hypothermia-Cold Penetration-Ancestral Call(clear)-Ruthless(boss)

Ancestral warchief-whatever you want

Leap slam- Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

Blasphemy - Frostbite

Herald of Ice - Hatred

CWDT - Frostbomb

Possible other links:

CWDT - Orb of Storms - Increased critical

Blood rage - Increased duration

This build can do well over 1.5 million shaper DPS when you obtain later game upgrades such as:

-The inclusion of a vaal skill(currently running none) such as vaal AW or Vaal Haste
-Boot enchantment for added cold damage or penetration
-Crafted Steel rings
-A hatred watcher's eye to replace one of the generic jewels
-A swap to abyss jewels and tombfist/abyssal belt for flat physical to maces/attacks
-Blood rage for attack speed and frenzies
-Taste of Hate
-Loreweave or a 6l chest with gems supported by level 1 maim(serrated fossil craft)


-Permanent fortify
-6 reduced from taunting
-15 reduced physical from basalt
-Up to 16% reduced physical from pantheon(Tukohama/Lunaris)
-10% reduced from Impresence(will be up almost all the time with the exception of boss fights)
-Reduced critical damage from belt of the deceiver
-6.6k life with my current tree/gear(level 88), can go up over 7k relatively easily
-Chills and freezes
-12k armour(on my current gear) reduces some damage after accounting for other physical damage reductions. Armour goes up to 20k+ with flask, and is generally great for non boss mobs.

The good:

-Clearspeed utilizes everything glacial hammer provides without going critical Herald of Ice
-Some of the tankiness is up no matter what so you won't be caught out by a pack with nothing up and gibbed

The bad:
-Hyper melee
-Clearspeed loses to almost every ranged attack/spell and non namelock attacks
-Some of the tankiness relies on timed buffs(flasks)
-Single target requires swapping ancestral call -> ruthless which can be slightly annoying.

Unfortunately, this guide is not as detailed as intended because the forums ate my original post and I had to rewrite what I could recall. Will probably update/answer any questions.
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