[3.3] 100c Challenge - Flicker Strike Champion - Noob Friendly Budget-Limited Build

Yo, I'm Project/PWAR, and this is simply a rough build guide for a special series/build I'm doing (for fun), where I set the maximum price I'm allowed to spend on a build, for it's entirety, to 100c, and see how far I can take it. This little challenge has the benefit of the build just being a general friendly build for new players because of the TRUE low cost, where they then can use the build to farm currency for a better build, or, improve the build itself for better output.

+Dirt Cheap (all FINAL gear below 100c total)
+6 socket/5-links factored into cost! This means the actual cost of the build is less than half, if you plan to socket/link everything yourself
+Pretty fast map clearer compared to many melee skills

-Can't use the actual main skill to you get terminus Est
-Seizure inducing?
-100c limit limits the builds potential


Prologue before starting build going over challenge/buying gear: https://youtu.be/lBpiIgjj_Yc

NEW Update video reaching low tier maps+General Tips for progression: https://youtu.be/rb7DReMk--s

100c Challenge Rules

1.) 100c Limit. This includes leveling items used. 6 socket and 5-6 linked items cost must be factored as well (so no, it's not a 1c item if you have a 6 socket 5-link! whatever average that cost online, is the cost that must be subtracted from the 100c limit.). Many self-proclaimed "friendly budget" builds don't include the cost of 5-6 linking their gear, which is a huge factor in damage or survivability. With 100c limit, everyone can get the exact same results as I if they have the currency for it. 4-socketing/linking/chromatic however, don't have to be factored, as most people, even new players, can do that easily enough on their own. Saving for the build is easier than ever this league due to chaos recipe being easier since incursion with jewelry rooms exist.

2.) Can't use pre-existing gear or gems. The point is to emulate (to an extent) a new player experience. Any gear that was bought for the build must be within the 100c total limit, unless you used self found currency like alchemy's to buy leveling uniques. Self-found chaos or exalted orbs(or mirrors, kek) can't be used to trade/sell (for the build), as that would usually surpass the 100c limit.

3.) Solo only, obviously can't have your twinked-out mates carrying you.

4.) No master modding, till after lv80. Most new players won't have access to master mods till the very end of their playthrough. For that reason, ensure to cap resist, etc, with bought gear, rather than relying on modding to save chaos.

That's the rules I'll be following for the build to ensure it stays noob friendly. A lot of the limits are specifically to consider someone who is never lucky.


Reach Red tiered maps and/or clear 8-10 tiered yellow maps comfortably. As a player not extremely well versed in the game myself, I'm setting the first goal of this build to be rather small, though I'm confident the build is at least capable of that much.

Gear & Cost

What I bought the gear for from randoms, prices may vary 5~c more or less
= 40c for 6 socket-5link

= 12c for 6 socket

Under 3c


Total: 82C!~~~~

Main Skill Gem Links (for rest check the PoB)

Main Clear: Flicker Strike - MultiStrike - Melee Splash - Melee Physical Damage - Increased Critical Strikes

Single target Boost: Vaal Double Strike - Chance To Bleed - Melee physical Damage - Ruthless (-Increased Critical Damage)

Ascendancy order, Bandit, Pantheon

Champion: Conqueror > worthy Foe > Unstoppable > Adrenaline

Bandit: Alira

Pantheon: Lunaris/Ralakesh

Leveling Tips

In the PoB link earlier in the thread, I've made and split the tree into sections to highlight what to get early on during certain sections of the game, which you can change by changing the default to whatever section you're within. This is shown in the prologue video if you want visual demonstration.

-For new players, always check vendors(NPC's) for 3-4 linked items and use those items for your gem setup. You should also buy green+blue+red linked items to sell back to them for chromatics, an important currency later on when wanting to change link colors.

-Use Rustic sash recipe (demonstrated in update video #1) to get decent wpns early on. Otherwise go on the official trade site on here to look for cheap uniques that cost an alchemy or less, which vastly improve your damage.

-You're skill progression should be = Cleave > Sunder > Cyclone > flicker (at 51 when you get terminus)

-For lab, use cyclone w/ Maim and added Fire gems instead of Flicker strike. It's more reliable.

I'll be streaming gameplay of the character, and you can catch the vods of the builds progression on my twitch channel. Of course you only have so many days to see it before the vods expire, but you can always pop inot chat if you have any questions~ https://www.twitch.tv/projectwar

Let me know if there's neat considerations for the build to make it better, or just general questions you have in mind :) Thanks for reading~
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-Added Update video with actual gameplay in early maps/story (7/11/2018)
-Added pro/con section & leveling tips section
12c for Inpulsa is just unrealistic
cheapest inpulsa on offer, 4 links, is already 2ex


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