GGG don t give a fuck about console players

since the launch of POE on ps4 we still have the same issues :
FUCKING CE 34878-0 ( blue screen ) every 30 mn
rollback with movement skill ( dash with second wind )
crash with delirium
crash whith conquerors minions
crash in harvest garden
crash when too many effects on screen ( lags , freeze ,disconection , etc...)
in fact crash all the time....
POE is actually unplayable on ps4....( i have a ps4 pro with LAN )
GGG do you think you can do something for console players ? or you just don t give a fuck about us ?
i play POE since 2013 (pc first and console now ) i love your game and all the content you provide but you must do improvement to ps4.
i just hope POE2 will be better on ps5.
Dernier bump le 14 sept. 2020 01:31:29


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