Well, I'm not gonna beat around the bush,

I think I'll stop here. I'm trying to finish this league.

and then I'm gonna come back to the standard because I'm really

Disappointed because at first many disconnections +

and not so pretty armor + weapons whose effects

are not too attractive

Plus like the old packs

are not put back into circulation like the

Alpha Manticore supported Pack

And others from the time the Alpha Manticore Supported Pack came out...

>> that might be of interest to several current actors if you know what I mean!

So I try to finish my characters at level 85 and then bye! bye!

standard return


Besides, it's a huge waste of time finding out

the direction of the quests to be carried out in the acts,

an arrow indicating where to go would have been judicious and very pleasant

to go in the direction of this one!

And one last thing, when sometimes you die a stone...

A tombstone at the place where we were killed would be useful,

so we would get all our points back as

soon as we are alive again at the place of the dead person marked by a cross on the map.

Thank you for your kindness!

Yours sincerely
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