I need to know if the is a skill that can use spell and attack damage

I want to create a build where i use a shadowstitch + an inward eye crown (the new unique with conqueror of the atlas) with a stuff fully corrupted it grand 72% es and 54% life so with transfiguration of body and mind ( and even tha last transfiguration but scaling mana isn t what i really want) and th witch path (easy access to life+es nodes (plus es mana and life mana) i think it would be pretty good.

Additionally i think i want to go for chaos innoculation and a chayula necklace so i have a good es pool and chaos imunity.

The last thing i need is a skill to go with that build and since it scale attack damage and spell damage i would like a skill that do both but so far i ve not seen any skill that could get me to benefit from both things that s why i m asking.

(if anything this is just a project of mine and probably my first totally self made build so if anyone can think of a way to improve it or way to make it better i m happy to hear any comments that can help me)
Dernier bump le 22 déc. 2019 20:48:53
Le plus proche que tu trouveras (hors crown of eyes parce que tu utilise inward eye), ce serait un cast on crit, voir un cast on melee kill mais personne ne joues ça :p, voir plus un cast while channeling.
C'est faisable, mais bon, de 1, c'est pas super optmimal de partir spell et attack, de 2, c'est juste de l'increased damage, donc c'est pas non plus oufissime comme combo.
Guide français : http://sites.google.com/view/poefr/
c est bien ce que je me disais, je pense que du coup je vais faire et faire un truc avec mana et es, la vie sera juste la pour boosté le chayula et faire un caster ce sera plus opti


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