[3.8] Firedance - Cyclone CwC Volitile Dead Chieftain, largest AoE Cyclone? Fast and HC Friendly

Ha! I figured it was a problem on my end. Thanks, I did completely miss that!
I am gonna take a break from delving and want to try your build.

Can you make maybe one section for rich people?

Like corruption, enchants (for helm i guess is volatile additional corpse one), BIS items?

Just a quick post to thank you for sharing this build. It seems great, I'll most certainly try to leaguestart it for 3.9.

I hope you'll keep it updated :-)
I started this build 2 days and absolutley enjoying it so far and just hit 39 this morning before work. I only play Hc and this is reroll #8 this season so hoping it will be my last one. I equipped cwc at 38 and hrimnors mace and proceeded to rip through act 4 fairly easy. I dont have that staff but I did see some Ngamahus axes for around 10c so Ill probably go that route as the staff was goimg for 50c. Fun so far, do u think I could squeeze in some righteous fire ?
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2597935 - OFC CLAN
So I wanted some PoE action and decided to try this out in 3.8.

Lvl 70 now, build is fun indeed. Levelling was quite boring and tedious for me, so I would not leaguestart this, I'm glad I tried it out before 3.9.
I'm eager to push it and try endgame with it.

Any advice on amulet anointment ?
Dernière édition par thomzon, le 25 nov. 2019 03:55:23
How do you self ignite yourself?
You self ignite yourself with SUNSPITE boots.. I ripped at Kitava act 5 so I had to start over and IM now back to act 6 cruising along. I was able to buy the EYE and the RING but I lost my sunspite boots so Ive got a ways to go still. Its still solid without the Sunspite boots and IM also now using Ngamahus Flame Axe and having zero issues so far ….

Edit - and for what its worth IM using the spell totem instead of CWDT as the molten balls don't always proc with CWDT - that's why I ripped to Kitava act5 , but second time around with spell totem he was toast ...
Are you HC enuff -- https://discord.gg/SEQUKAA
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2597935 - OFC CLAN
Dernière édition par Hellzwraith, le 26 nov. 2019 19:40:35
So I brought this to 79, got the 6 link staff and lvl 21 VD gem.
Got to say single target kind of sucks for guardian and endgame bosses.

For mapping it's very cool and very tanky though.


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