3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain

I haven't even considered using a rare weapon. I'll check it out.

Btw, what happened with your Slayer? Why did you drop it?
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I wonder if there is an good keystone from the new jewels we could use?

I don't know about the Keystone altering ones, but there is a Timeless jewel called Lethal Pride.

It alters Notable passives by adding a random modifier to them. Some of those modifiers are 20% burning damage, 1% life regen, 4% life, %5 chance to get end charge on kill. Which mods you get depends on the number displayed on the jewel, and the name.

As RF you have 5 Notables in the area of the jewel socket on the right side of the tree, the one below Bravery. So you can potentially get up to five good modifiers.

it also adds +2 str to strength passives, and +4 str to other minor passives
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I haven't even considered using a rare weapon. I'll check it out.

Btw, what happened with your Slayer? Why did you drop it?

dropped slayer because I didn't wanna be the 50% of the game also playing slayer (real reason after I finished the campaign I realized my pantheon and delve was not carried over, ive never made a 2nd char before ever in a league, always 1 char per league)

my idea, maybe some streamer will pick it up, the new node they added to slayer, 50% increased duration of endurance charges and frenzy charges, your max endurance charge = your max frenzy charge.

go toward the ranger side to pick up max frenzy charges. warlord's mark ring + assassin mark ring/bloodrage + chest armor + 1 curse = ????
Started with Chieftain then switched. Juggernaut is way more comfy both when it comes to toughness(especially after you get yourself 2xKaom's Way) without worrying too much about keeping up endurance and if like I you go for Unyielding after completing uber lab AoE gets really nice as well.

My gear is still pretty average. Got Doryani's Catalyst + Saffell's Frame early as they relatively cheap, decent mods on hands/boots/gloves.
Chest plate, Kaom's Heart is a different story, most expensive unique pice from this guide I think.

As far as skills go, ended up running with just purity of fire + malevolence(still don't have decent mana reservation options and Aul's is expensive too), not needing to use scorching ray that much as strom brand+crit work pretty well at supporting EE and EO. Vitality is really meh unless you have Watcher's Eye with proper mod but I have one with just malevolence mod.

Overall really good build.
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weirdly enough everything is cheap except the koams heart this league, when usually they are all fairly cheap except the helmet

I am broke again -_-, its for a good cause though, now I gotta sit in my ass and rework the whole tree from sword to axe

variations of this doesn't even exist on standard, I had a pay a sht ton, I tried crafting my own but after 5ex in alts I gave up and my eyeballs hurt after trying it, at least imprint beast cost is down now
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I wonder if there is an good keystone from the new jewels we could use?

One node my historic jewel changes gives 'Gain 20% of life as extra energy shield'

15.3k life, 3.5k es, 3700 regen, 87,80,80 res, without 8 endurance charges up.
the biggest problem with those new nodes I think is its inconsistent, it varies too much between jewel to jewel, like 2 jewels with the same name but different # can start giving different effects to your nodes.

I found the jewel that gives 80% phys and 80% melee damage, but it removes the effect of all the small nodes which makes it completely worthless, at least after the new patch all the jewels will be similar in price, it use to be the marketh jewel was 40ex but I guess it was bugged

Greetings, this my first time crafting a scepter, I find the process a bit confusing.
I got those two mods, they are two prefixes.

Is it good enough to multicraft?
Or should I start over and try to hit ele focus?
Thanks a ton!
Stupid question could you spell out the gems you would suggest for a cwdt set up for procking eo and ee I must be missing it but I can't figure out what "ST" means. Also there seems to be many options as like ball lightning orb of stoms ect. What seems like the best in your testing, and besides the kaoms and some skill tree changes what do you think the difference of your build and Demi's is in terms of dpa and survivability.
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So is Chieftain better than Jugg now for RF?


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