3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain

Shuggananas a écrit :
Yeah but those would probably have insane prices

Precursor's emblem can roll triple endurance charge bonus, that includes 0.3% regen per endurance charge meaning you can get 0.9% regen per endu on both rings, total 2% regen per endu charge compared to 1% with both kaom's
But that would require insane luck and investment
With such rings you would get 14% regen (7 charges * 2%) compared to the usual 9% regen with kaom's way.. Not bad but requires insane currency and luck


It's highly unlikely that we'll see good three modded rings anytime soon. You'd need to craft over a thousand rings on average just to get one. The cost is 5-7ex per attempt, and the supply is really low.
zheng738 a écrit :
holy sht I had no idea, time to keep an eye on it

can the

Precursor's Emblem Two-Stone Ring have a additional max endurance charge? I checked and I couldn't find any, the wiki says it can though

eh...without the extra max endurance charge per ring it seems kinda meh. a combination of .3% regen per charge + endurance charge duration and another endurance charge mod = 3-5ex? doesn't seem very expensive, still a very decent ring but the +1 to max charge matters alot

Precursor's emblems have modifiers depending on what rings you use. There are power, endurance and frenzy rings, so you need to use triple endurance rings (two are cheap, one very expensive)
You could get more charges and less regen if you wanted, like +2 charges and 0.3% regen but then you have less total regen. You can get 3 charges per rings and 0 regen too, for a total of 13 endu charges. Triple regen on a ring is just the way to max your regen.
I don't think duration is useful, you should have 20s endurance charges already.

I did aul around depth 320 the other day, deathless but I don't think he had mods.
why can't I find a emblem with +1 to endurance charges?
Got an ilvl 83 elder marble for 8 ex ! So lucky, praise live search
Shuggananas a écrit :
Got an ilvl 83 elder marble for 8 ex ! So lucky, praise live search

grats, I paid 11 for mine a week ago, but here comes the hardest part -_-, gl

Hi, this league is definitely a fun league to play rf jugg with all the delve mods craft, above is my current gear. Most of the gear is self-crafted. Any comment is welcomed. Cheers
Dernière édition par hooftothehead, le 24 sept. 2018 17:24:23

been a long long time sinve ive dropped one of those, garbage drop rng this league, 4 watchers averaging like 5 kills per watcher, first 2 sold for under 30c and the 3rd sold for 1ex.

I got the lower valued variation for hatred and its still 10ex, if I got crit chance/pen or crit chance/phys conversion into cold id be 40ex+.

still grateful, finally got something decent

on the other hand, they should make a boss harder than uber elder, I can't really die in that fight anymore unless I get combed by all 3 balls.

I actually regen standing on frozen ground/elder ink, without flasks
idk uber elder is fine for the ultimate end boss, I still sometimes die on the elder portal phase somehow, too much shit spamming the screen
I got rather lucky with watcher's eyes, the ones I got sold for 3, 3 and 1 ex I think
Dernière édition par zheng738, le 25 sept. 2018 01:05:25
Hey guys, can you help me out, I'm leveling RF char and killed Uber Atziri yesterday. I know boss mechanics so it's not too bad, but it feels like my damage is pretty low. Also, the mobs in that area are freaking brutal, I'm nearly killed in a couple of hits! even though I have 7.5+k HP, 9 endurance charges, etc.

Also, almost did HotGM yesterday, but the girl with summon specters and skeletons destroyed me :D

Anyway, can you check my character and tell me what is wrong with him?

IGN - Taihei_Doma


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