[3.8]Champion Impale TS/Barrage | Leveling guide

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-Any reason almost everyone is opting into the BloodGrip? I bought the tombfist with the curse so I know we need additional curse on ammy, if not would a curse ammy, with crit multi/% increased damage or flat Phys be the rolls to go for?


Since I do see plp opting into the BloodGrip. If we get a good ammy with curse/total mana, and good enough resist to make up for the extra ring, would running a mark of elder combo be situational for the build if we can cap our resist? can try to swap to the nomads for extra resist if needed.

The reason I went with Bloodgrip because it's abundant on the market and it's cheap. Kinda hard to find a decent ammy with +1 curse and honestly not worth the time to search imo. Since Bloodgrip comes with phys damage, some regen and health not to mention no extra damage from bleeding, it's a decent choice.

But if you can find a good crit multi ammy then go for it.
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Most Insane build I have ever played, I never died, and I 1 tap everything with barrage, from shaper to uber elder. I'm selling this Full build with everything, +2 impale watcher's eye, crazy gear.. Pm me for offers " HOTBBWDOG"
pantheon pls...
I'm wrapping up this league.
I have almost 2.3k hours in the game, i can say withouth a doubt that is the most powerful, well rounded op build i've ever played. Even more than ele hit pre nerf.

The last goal was getting at least 5 rows in 5 way legion fight solo without HeadHunter and i almost got to 6 (i can see past 5 since i have ultrawide monitor).
I never felt the need to use vuln on gloves, my gear is decent but far from optimized. I prefer nomad over the other belt since it gives a bunch of dex and resistances, also the flask gain is nice for mapping.
I crafted the helm today cause i felt i needed the extra tankiness for the 5 way and i was not wrong, half a second kill on the templar boss and never dieing first try was really rewarding.
Even drop 2ex naturally on top of every other bullshit.

Hello what was the process to craft your helmet?
anyone take a look at my build? damage just feels bad for some reason

have everything besides a watchers eye basically
Anyone knows how to deal with phys reflect? I want to do Atziri in temple for challenge with this char but my experience with phys impale tells me I will be in a serious pain without a way to deal with reflect. Perhaps socketing a trap or totem in barrage link?

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anyone take a look at my build? damage just feels bad for some reason

have everything besides a watchers eye basically

I am still building myself but I think that your gem link is wrong. Tornado shot should be in 7L chest as you do not have Rigwald's (your current link is basically 4L as chain and fork are not helpful for dps). Barrage should be in 6L bow and there should be at least one red gem, best is brutality. Check the original post and pastebin for correct gem link.

Your flask is not optimized. Add dying sun to increase your dps. You have onslaught on kill jewel so I think silver flask is not necessary except for phase/instance change boss fight.

Your quiver's ele craft is useless with brutality in link so change it to something else.

Your gloves can be better if you want more dps. I think haem is only good for clearing trash. I think tombfist with corruption of +1 frenzy charge or vul curse on hit if you have additional curse on some gears, or + attack crit like the above guy will increase your dps much more.
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dangit im dumb youre correct lol

wonder how much of a boost the 7l will be
Darn, no one answered so I googled a bit and found a ref solution: Sibyl's Lament in the right ring slot (40% reduced phys reflect damage taken), Yugul Pantheon (25% reduced reflected damage taken), and Determination Aura with Watcher's Eye of 40 - 50 % Reduced Reflected Physical Damage Taken While Affected by Determination => 100% ref immune.

One ring slot and one watcher eye sacrifice should be fine for ad hoc method.

Illips a écrit :
dangit im dumb youre correct lol

wonder how much of a boost the 7l will be

Lv1 maim is 15% more phys dps so roughly 15% more. TS is mainly for trash and weak rares, but with dying sun + helm enchant, I believe TS projectiles will also overlap and clear strong rares like legion rares.
now i just need to sell my chest to buy the right one because im poor af lol


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