Need help with double strike


I'm using this build
(Path of Exile 3.6 - Vaal Double Strike Build - Champion Duelist from YouTube)

That's my build
(Also you can check profile: SoraRTD )

I tried to have same adds x physical damage in every rare item (rings , amulet , gloves), hp and resistance are not the problem here.

For me main problem is low dps.

What can I do to reach 1-3 milion dps ?
(I plan to buy 400 pdps claws but need some time to make more currency + loreweave and add quality to gems that can add more damage) (jewels physical + physical to claw attacks are not cheap and will try to buy them after weapon chest and gems)

What can I do with my build to destroy all content ?
On tier 1-9 bosses are pretty easy and need 15-20 seconds to kill them but on tier 10 and above I struggle a little bit.

I'm new player (3 weeks in game) so I would be really thankfull for any help :)
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Set your characters to public so people can actually help you.
Sorry didn't know about it. Done :)
1. Your Abyssal jewels should add flat physical damage, since you scale phys on passive tree

2. Both your weapons are bad. Get 2 claws that have like 350pdps AND VERY IMPORTANTLY higher crit chance and at least 1.9 APS

3. You are only on a 5-link with 2 of those links not adding any single target damage (melee splash and ancestral call)

4. Please buy a better Abyuss, the 48% increased damage taken hurts looking at

5. Diamond Flask

6. Silver Flask

7. Run Hatred instead of your Blasphemy Curse, throw out Vulnerability too. You want Assassins Mark

Lastly you might want to either have and "Assassins Mark on Hit"-Ring or a Watcher's eye with "# to critical strike chance while affected by Hatred". This is just bonus though after you completed step 1 to 7.


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