Help, HP problem, what to sacrifice?

Hi, I have same problem as everyone - 4,5k HP on 88 lvl. I know that endgame character should have +90 hp on each gear, but pls check my items, are they really bad? I use my belt, gloves and boots because of chaos resistance - this is why I don't want to change it, although this doesn't provide as much hp as it could. What do you recommend to exchange?

Here's my equipment:

-amulet - no hp, but +100 stats is nice
-boots - not best armour but this movement speed...
-belt- it gives 100hp now and +20% ChR, should I look for more?
-gloves - it's weakest part, only +35hp, but 490 armour and again, +22% ChR..

I'm really ok with dmg, but my defense is bad, despite I have Champion (I wanted to switch to Slayer but then def will even get worse). Or is it problem with passives? Now I'm reaching for hp nodes, but this +5% seems to give so little...
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You are new, right? The Woaaaaaa character in Standard?

I imported your char in POB (Path of Building) POB tells me you got 131% life from tree. Minimum is 150% to start with.

I changed some things up, got to 187% with lots of other mitigation layers (less crit dmg taken node (Indomniable) and phys dmg reduction (Soul of Steel))

Got the Warcry node, use a war cry as defensive skill, Enduring Cry, to get endurance changes (phys dmg mitigation), life regen will not work because took Vaal Pact.

Change your gear to Armour & Evasion please, atm you only got 10% chance to evade. Forget to focus on one layer of defense (I guess you picked Armour, because all your gear is Armour and Determination gem). Layers make the best intricate cakes.*

When you changed your gear to armour and evasion, get rid of the Determination and change it for Arctic Armour 25% reserved (phys mitigation). And Herald of Purity and Herald of Ash (if you keep that sword) both 25% reserved.

I changed your Ascendency nodes, forget Fortify. Only of use probably if you use a shield where the shield and chest stats get leveraged. Still, get Fortify gem linked with your movement skill (Leap Slam, for Charged Dash).

Take out the Phase Run setup for a Cast When Damage Taken + Increased Duration + Immortal Call + Molten Shell. You get your endurance charges from Enduring Cry for longer Immortal Call duration. Also of interest, Daresso's Defiance Chest for Endurance Charge generation. Could also think of equipping Wyrmsign gloves and put in it Leap Slam + Curse On Hit + Vulnerability + Faster Attack.

Please pick one or two dmg skills not three. Kick out the Heavy Strike IMHO. I see what you were trying to attempt with it (Bloodlust), and because you gimp yourself not having at least one threshold jewel for it.

Take out the Life Gain on Hit in your Cleave 5L. Get for Cleave the threshold jewel ("Overwhelming Odds").

Keep with the Double Strike 4L (or 5L in chest for throwing out Heavy Strike) but take out the accuracy and leech gem and dmg on full life.

Thus use Double Strike primarily for single target and Cleave for mobs.

Took the Vaal Pact + Leech.

Chaos resistance matters against Chaos dmg mobs. Having 30% chaos res on your gear is nice. The rest you can take care with the flask. Don't need to cover your ass 100% with chaos res on all your gear.

Here is the POB paste bin just for the tree changes, didn't change gem setups as suggested above.

PS: If you have access to the Pure Talent Jewel, put in the Pure Talent Jewel because I connected the Maurauder and Duelist starting point (1% dmg leeched as life and 15% increased AOE, which Cleave will benefit from).

* - Path of Exile: Defensive Layers

PS #2 You also could get a decoy totem, every little helps. And the Vengeance gem.

PS #3 POE learning curve is steep, your first 2 leagues are basically; 'learning to walk' on your own.
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Wow, there is a lot for me to improve I see... Yes, I'm new, it's my first character.
Thank you very much for all these advices, I will surely try them out, because now I'm struggling a lot, I agree that armour alone is not really effective


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